Delhi MCD Election Results 2017 Live News Votes Candidates Winners

In Delhi Municipal Corporation elections that was conducted in April 2017, Bharathiya Janata Party (BJP) is winning in most seats. As Delhi MCD Election Results 2017 were announced on Wednesday, 26 April 2017 BJP got lead in most seats in wards around North Delhi, East Delhi, South Delhi. Aam Admi Party which had good confidence in winning Delhi corporation elections is getting least votes in various wards. Condition of Congress party in Delhi MCD polls 2017 is worst, considering they are in third place. BJP is in first place, while AAP is in 2nd place and INC is in last position.

Live news updates on Delhi Municipal Corporation elections conducted at various wards in Delhi was updated. BJP won in 184 seats in total at Delhi. Aam Admi party could win in only 46 seats. Congress could get only 30 seats. Condition of other parties including CPM Communist was miserable as they could get only 12 seats all together. Votes won by each candidates in AAP (Aam Admi Party), INC (Indian National Congress), BJP (Bharathiya Janata Party) in Delhi MCD Election Results 2017 were announced on 26/04/2017.

BJP under Prime Minister Narendra Modi is getting good response by gaining victory in most seats. It increases confidence that Narendra Modi government is doing everything favorable to people of India. It is believed that trends of people to BJP in Corporation elections in Capital city of India is a sign that they are satisfied with rule of BJP led NDA.

Counting of votes at various counting stations in Delhi state started from morning of Wednesday, 26 April 2017 (26-4-17). Detailed election results at Delhi Municipal Corporation polls conducted in 2017 is updated.

Live Updates – Delhi MCD Election Results 2017

North Delhi Election Results 2017

  • BJP Won in 66 seats
  • AAP Won in 20 seats
  • INC Won in 15 seats
  • Others Won in 2 seats

South Delhi Election Results 2017

  • BJP Won in 70 seats
  • AAP Won in 16 seats
  • INC Won in 12 seats
  • Others Won in 6 seats

East Delhi Election Results 2017

  • BJP Won in 48 seats
  • AAP Won in 10 seats
  • INC Won in 3 seats
  • Others Won in 2 seats

Chakde TV Live News on Delhi MCD Election Results 2017

Delhi MCD Election Results 2017 Live Winners

Names of winners of Delhi MCD Election Results 2017 in various wards based on political party is updated as follows.



Trends Kerala elections website 2017 Malappuram By Election Result

By-election for electing of new Malappuram Member of Parliament (MP) was held on 12 April 2017 (12-4-2017). Malappuram election results 2017 will be declared on Monday, 17th April 2017 (17-4-17). All live updates of Malappuram by-polls can be known from official website of Kerala NIC (National Informatics Centre) which is exclusively prepared for updating election results of Kerala. Trends Kerala elections website which can be accessed from url has been popular for past few years. Malappuram by elections results will be declared on Monday, 17th April 2017 (17/04/2017).

Trends Kerala elections is a very popular site which helps in knowing up to date information of what is happening at counting stations as counting of votes begins. It makes party supporters and whole Kerala politics lovers eager and thrilling every minute as trailing and leading votes of candidates change every minute. Most News channels, TV breaking news of election results, candidates trailing leading can be known from NIC website which is managed by Kerala Election Commission. They also have a Kerala Election trends mobile app which had been popular.

For knowing about results of Local self government elections in Kerala there is another trends website from Election Commission which can be accessed from But most effective is live updates made through Trends Kerala elections website which gives latest changes in votes counting of candidates from each assembly constituency. Importance of Trends Kerala elections website comes up in a situation when Malappuram by-polls results are going to be prepared on 17-04-2017. Malappuram elections is an important one in political situation that is prevailing at present in Kerala in 2017.

Need for conducting Kerala By-Election at Malappuram Loksabha constituency came up when Malappuram Member of Parliament (MP) E Ahammed passed. To fill up vacancy for Malappuram MP a By election was scheduled in Loksabha seat of this constituency. So who will be new MP from Malappuram who will be going to Indian Parliament.

Malappuram By-election results 2017 will be known from morning 8.00 am on 17-4-2017 when Trends Kerala elections website will be Live. Trend of counting of votes at Malappuram By-Election 2017 by Kerala Election Department is an important feed for all Kerala news channels.

2017 Trends Kerala elections website

Kerala Loksabha election results (Parliament), Niyamasabha election results (Legislative Assembly) and by-elections news, votes, candidates won, lost can be known from official Trends website of Kerala election commission managed by NIC.

Website address for Trends Kerala elections 2017 is, – (Kerala Election Results 2017 – Trend of counting by Election Department).

Latest Election results at Malappuram as on 17 April 2017

മലപ്പുറം ഉപതെരഞ്ഞടുപ്പ് തത്സമയം വോട്ടെണ്ണല്‍

  • P K Kunhalikutty (IUML) – Total votes 515330 ; Leading by 171023 votes
  • MB Faizal (LDF)  – Total votes 344307
  • N Sree Prakash (BJP) (NDA) – Total votes 65675
  • NOTA votes – 4098

Trends Kerala elections live website 2017

LDF, UDF, BJP are three main politicial parties contesting in elections at Kerala. In Malappuram there had been many political developments due to Jishnu Pranoy case .etc. and every one is anxiously waiting whether it will effect election results.

IUML which is a supporting party of Congress (UDF) has been winning in elections for past many years at Malappuram.

Malappuram by-elections results can be known from Monday, 17 April 2017.

Live News Channels in Kerala

Asianet news live

Television channels which have popular Live streaming videos of Election results, breaking news .etc. in Kerala at Youtube channels are,

  • Asianet News
  • Media One News
  • Kairali People TV
  • Manorama News
  • Mathrubhumi News
  • Reporter News

When considering that many other Indian states do not have such a platform to know Live updates of elections, it is actually a good initiative from Kerala election commission.

Kerala Local self government election results including Corporation elections, Grama panchayat, Block Panchayat, District Panchayat, Municipality can be known at


Malappuram Election results of Candidates Won Lost at Kerala By Elections 2017 – Full Details

Malappuram election result 2017 is published on Monday, 17 April 2017 (17/04/2017). Real Kerala trends will be revealed in this election result from Malappuram Lok Sabha constituency. Election at Malappuram was held on 12-04-2017. Total polling percentage in 2017 Malappuram bye elections is 71.33% while in 2014 it was 71.26%. Detailed information regarding Malappuram By-elections conducted on 12 April 2017 between candidates from IUML (UDF), LDF, BJP is updated.

Malappuram election result 2017 will be a clear analysis of political support in Kerala for UDF and LDF. Will Indian Union Muslim League candidate P. K. Kunhalikutty or Communist Party candidate M B Faizal win. IUML leader P. K. Kunhalikutty contested in Malappuram Byelection from Malappuram Loksabha constituency in 2017. UDF party under Congress is giving all support to IUML’s PK Kunhalikutty in election for vacant MP seat at Malappuram after E Ahamed passed. E Ahamed had won in this MP seat from Malappuram for a total of 194739 votes in lead against LDF candidate Sainaba in year 2014. PK Kunhalikutty is former Minister of Kerala and was sitting MLA in a constituency in Malappuram district.

LDF Communist party which is ruling Kerala state has put candidate M B Faizal in Malappuram constituency. MB Faizal DYFI district president who will have a tough competition against IUML candidate PK Kunhalikutty. BJP candidate (NDA) for Malappuram Lok Sabha constituency is N Sreeprakash. After E Ahamed there was a big question regarding who will be able to lead IUML to victory from Malappuram constituency. Name of Pandi Kadavathu Kunhalikutty came up at this time. Rival parties accused PK Kunhalikutty’s involvement in Ice cream parlor case and used it as a way to get votes against him.

Still a constituency like Malappuram will be always with IUML. Considering political environment in Kerala which is now against LDF Government under Pinarayi Vijayan after Jishnu Pranoy case and Jishnu’s mother Mahija arrest issue. Things worsened after Pinarayi Vijayan talked harshly against Jishnu’s parents and supported Kerala Police who rudely arrested Mahija.

How will these issues affect Malappuram election result 2017 can be known on 17th April 2017 when results are published. Among 20 Lok Sabha seats in Kerala, the Malappuram parliamentary constituency is an important one in elections at all times.

Malappuram election result 2017 മലപ്പുറം ഉപതെരഞ്ഞടുപ്പ്

Winner of Malappuram election result 2017 announcing new MP (Member of Parliament) can be know soon on Monday, 17 April 2017 as counting of votes begin at counting stations from morning 8.00 am.

Live Updates of Malappuram By-election 2017

Updates will start Live from 8 am on Monday, 17 April 2017. Keep watching this page for latest Kerala trends of this By Polls at Malappuram Lok sabha constituency.

  • P K Kunhalikutty (IUML) – Total votes 515325 ; Leading by 171038 votes
  • MB Faizal (LDF)  – Total votes 344287
  • N Sree Prakash (BJP) (NDA) – Total votes 65662

Total Votes for IUML as per Constituency

  1. Kondotty 25904 votes
  2. Manjeri 22843 votes
  3. Perinthalmanna 8527 votes
  4. Mankada 19262 votes
  5. Malappuram 33281 votes
  6. Vengara 40529 votes
  7. Vallikkunnu 20692 votes

Independent Candidates

  • PPA Sageer – 1469 votes (Independent Candidate)
  • Kunjalikutty Kulambil Padinjarekkara – 720 votes (Independent Candidate)
  • Muhammed Musaliyar – 445 votes (Independent Candidate)
  • Muhammed Faisal – 1698 votes (Independent Candidate)
  • AK Shaji – 565 votes (Independent Candidate)
  • K Shajimon – 1027 votes (Independent Candidate)

Kondotty has received highest polling in Malappuram with 73.76%. All political parties are waiting eagerly to know Malappuram election result 2017 which will decide future of upcoming 2021 Legislative Assembly elections in Kerala (Niyamasabha Thiranjeduppu 2021).

Names of Candidates contesting from Malappuram constituency and political parties they are representing is as follows.

  • IUML candidate is PK Kunhalikutty (UDF – Congress)
  • BJP candidate is Adv. N Sreeprakash (NDA)
  • CPM candidate is Adv. MB Faisal (LDF)

Independent candidates

  • Muhammed Faisal
  • Kunjalikutty Kulambil Padinharekara
  • AK Shaji
  • K Shajimon
  • Adv. PPA Sageer
  • Muhammed Musliyar N
malappuram election result 2017

Candidates of Malappuram By election 2017

Official website of Kerala elections trends is at

Live TV Channels showing updates of election results at Malappuram are,

  • Asianet News
  • Manorama News
  • Mathrubhumi News
  • Reporter TV
  • Kairali People
  • Media One
  • JaiHind TV
  • Kaumudi
  • Janayugam

Malappuram Constituencies Polling Percentages 2017

Total Polling is 71.33%

  • Kondotty 73.76%
  • Manjeri 71.79%
  • Perinthalmanna 70.62%
  • Mankada 70.07%
  • Malappuram 73.39%
  • Vengara 67.76%
  • Vallikkunnu 71.51%

Key candidates in Malappuram by polls are,

    1. P K Kunhalikutty – Indian Union Muslim League (IUML)
    2. M B Faisal for Communist Party of Indian (Marxist) (CPI(M))
    3. N Sree Prakash for Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)