Gurdaspur lok sabha bypoll results 2017 punjab by election candidates votes

Congress candidate Sunil Jakhar has lead of 193219 votes. (गुरदासपुर उपचुनाव) Gurdaspur lok sabha bypoll results 2017 will be published on Sunday 15th October 2017. By Elections at Gurdaspur Lok Sabha was conducted on 11th October 2017. There was a good polling percentage at Gurdaspur Lok Sabha bypoll conducted. 7 candidates contested in teaser by elections and mean election campaign was between BJP comma Congress and AAP.

Gurdaspur lok sabha bypoll candidates are Bhartiya Janta Party BJP candidate Swaran Salaria, congress candidate Sunil Kumar Jakar, Aam Aadmi Party candidate Suresh Kumar Khajuria. Congress candidate is Sunil Kumar Jakar who is Punjab Congress President, AAP candidate Suresh Kumar Khajuria is retired major general in Army. Even though the main competition is between BJP and Congress a good percentage of votes will be taken away by Aam Aadmi Party candidate PC will affect results of by elections at Gurdaspur in Punjab.

Gurdaspur Lok Sabha by elections 2017 is a conducted for electing new Member of Parliament MB in the vacant seat of Vinod Khanna who passed. Actor Vinod Khanna was Bharatiya Janata Party BJP MP at Gurdaspur. Gurdaspur constituency has got credit of first parliamentary constituency in India will have voter verifiable paper audit trail (vvpat) machines being used.

All together in Punjab Lok Sabha of 117 seats it is Congress party which has hold of 77 seats. Gurdaspur lok sabha bypoll results 2017 of 7 candidates contesting for MP post will be announced on 15 October 2017.

Punjab chief minister is Amarinder Singh. Polling percentage of a Gurdaspur Lok Sabha by election was only 56 % which was very low considering a 70.03 percentage voting in a 2014 elections.

Nine Vidhan Sabha constituencies which come under Gurdaspur constituency where bye-elections was conducted are as follows.

  • Dera Baba Nanak
  • Gurdaspur
  • Pathankot
  • Dina Nagar
  • Sujanpur
  • Bhoa
  • Qadian
  • Batala
  • Fatehgarh Churian

2017 Gurdaspur lok sabha election candidates

Names of candidates of different political parties contesting at Gurdaspur Loksabha constituent at Punjab is as follows.

  • BJP candidate Swaran Salaria
  • Congress candidate Sunil Kumar Jakar
  • Aam Aadmi Party candidate Suresh Kumar Khajuria

Gurdaspur lok sabha bypoll results 2017

Gurdaspur Lok Sabha by-election results  गुरदासपुर उपचुनाव will be published on Sunday, 15 October 2017 (15/10/17).

  • Congress candidate Sunil Jakhar won by a lead of 1,93,219 votes with total of 4,56,250 votes

Congress party INC candidate won with 456250 votes and lead of 193219 votes. BJP – SAD alliance is in second place won by 274090 votes and Aam Aadmi Party (AAPBJPn 3rd place with only 27509 votes in Gurdaspur Lok Sabha bypolls.

Watch Live Gurdaspur lok sabha bypoll results 2017

Live updates of live streaming votes won & leading by candidates of each party will be given by local news TV channels in Punjab.

From morning 8.00 on 15 October 2017 updates will start.

Aajtak Live channel for Gurdaspura by poll results 15-10-2017

News 18 live

Gurdaspur lok sabha bypoll results 2017

Number of votes won by each candidate at Gurdaspur and majority of votes won by winning party will also be known.

  • BJP candidate Swaran Salaria won … votes with lead / trail of .. votes
  • Congress candidate Sunil Kumar Jakar won … votes with lead / trail of .. votes
  • AAP candidate Suresh Kumar Khajuria won … votes

Who will be new Member of Parliament (MP) at Gurdaspur Vidhan Sabha can be known on 15-10-2017.


vengara election result live 2017 bye-election results winner of vengara

Vengara Assembly by-election results was declared on 15/10/2017 and KNA Khader won by lead of 23310 votes. Vengara election results 2017 live updates was given out by Kerala election commission on Sunday, 15 October 2017. Winner of Vengara by polls at Malappuram district is KNA Khader of Indian Union Muslim League party. Now everyone is eagerly waiting to know leading margin of votes won by IUML candidate K.N.A Khader at Vengara. it is only 23310 votes which is far less than previous elections

Main competition at vengara assembly constituency (niyamasaba seat) was between UDF candidate KNA Khader and LDF candidate PP Basheer. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate K Janachandran Master was expected to be good majority of votes in Vengara than previous elections. Unexpectedly SDPI (Social Democratic Party of India) candidate KC Naseer got higher votes than BJP candidate. This makes SDPI come into 3rd position and replacing BJP (NDA) to 4th place.

This is a huge blow to Bharathiya Janata Party in Kerala and will be a shame for BJP party who is ruling at Central Government. Success of Congress party candidate KNA Khader (IUML) at Vengara despite of Solar scam controversies against UDF gives confidence to Congress party of Kerala to get success in upcoming Niyamasabha elections. In Lok Sabha elections 2019 BJP will fear that it will not get any seats from kerala due top outcome of Vengara bye-elections 2017.

Counting of votes started at 8.15 am at PSMO College in Tirurangadi at Malappuram. Polling at Vengara was conducted at 148 booths across 17 auxiliary polling stations. There was a record voter turnout percentage of 72.12 % at Vengara.

At present UDF (IUML) candidate KNA Khader is having 65277 votes with a lead margin of 23310 votes.

SDPI candidate K.C Naseer’s votes won is very interesting as he had won around 8648 votes till now and in 3r place at Vengara by-polls.

Vengara election results 2017 live

  • UDF KNA Khader 65227 votes
  • LDF PP Basheer 41917 votes
  • SDPI KC Naseer 8648 votes
  • BJP K Janachandran 5728 votes
  • Independent Sreenivas 159 votes
  • Independen Hamza Karumannil 442 votes
  • NOTA 502 Votes

Get Live updates of 2017 Vengara Bye-elections by Kerala election department at Trend Kerala official website

Vengara election results 2017 live

Independent candidates were not able to make much votes in Vengara by-polls as Sreenivas got only 159 votes and Hamza Karumannil got 442 votes only.

NOTA votes (None of the Above) received at Vengara By elections was around 502 votes  showing that this much voters did not have any interest in any of the contesting candidates.


Vengara bye election live streaming updates 2017 trending votes counting

KNA Khader of Muslim league UDF is leading by 21512 votes. Counting of votes from counting stations and results of bye-elections at Kerala from Vengara is being announced on 15 October 2017. By election at Vengara in Malappuram was held on Wednesday, 11th October 2017. Vengara bye election 2017 live streaming updates in this page are being made.

Indian Union Muslim League which is an alliance of Congress – United Democratic Front (UDF) is the main political party at Vengara. LDF candidate of ruling CPM party is the main party which will be contesting against IUML at Vengara. Bharatiya Janata Party under National Democratic Alliance (NDA) is trying to contest in this by-elections at Vengara and win more votes.

Social Democratic party of India (SDPI) has also put it’s candidate in this election with great expectations. Which party or candidate and who will be winning in this Kerala Bye-elections conducted at Vengara constituency in 11 October 2017 is watched by everyone. Vengara bye election 2017 live results will be published on Sunday 15th October 2017.

Indian Union Muslim League candidate KNA Khader which is contesting with support of Congress party (UDF) has great expectations to win in this election. Total polling percentage at vengara in 2017 assembly by-polls is 70%. This increase in polling turnout has increased condfidence for LDF candidate PP Basheer also.

Vengara bye election 2017 live counting results

Counting of votes started at 8.15 am on 15/10/17.

  1. UDF KNA Khader won 65227 votes in this bye elections
  2. LDF PP Basheer won 41917
  3. SDPI KC Naseer won 8648
  4. BJP K Janachandran won 5728
  5. Independent Sreenivas won 159 votes
  6. Independen Hamza Karumannil won 442 votes
  7. NOTA 502 Votes

Asianet Live news from counting stations

We will be updating live streaming updates every second from 8.15 am on 15/10/2017.


65227 votes  (won with leading 23310 votes)

PP Basheer (LDF) 

41917 votes

K Janachandran (BJP) 

5728 votes

KC Naseer (SDPI)

8648 votes

Other candidates results

Independent candidate Sreenivas 159 votes and Hamza 442 votes

NOTA Votes is 502

Vengara bye election 2017 live

Main candidates contesting in this bye-elections at Vengara are,

What will be the total lead or majority that a political party gets against opposing party which trails will also be discussed in this bye elections at Malappuram.

Votes counted till now from panchayaths as follows. (Will be updated)

AR Nagar 741 votes

Kannamangalam votes

Oorakam votes

Vengara votes

Parappur vites

Othukkungal votes