Malayalam actress converts to Islam Names of Kerala actress who became muslim

In India lot of celebrities have converted their religion from Hindu, Christian to Muslim. It is basic right of a person to decide which religion he or she should worship. Converting religion is now getting lot of news value if it is done by actress especially from Kerala. Malayalam actress converts to Islam is now now a new thing because so many celebrities and important personalities from writer Madhavaikutty has done so.

In latest releasing Malayalam cinema ‘Aami’ it tells story about Madhavikutty who converted herself to Islam religion and became known as Kamala Suraiyya. Actress Manju Warrrier is doing role of Kamala Suraiyya in movie Aami.

Let us go through a small list of profiles of Malayalam actress converts to islam and becomes Muslim. There had been many instances of Muslim actress converting to Hindu or Christian religions also. Why did a South Indian celebrity convert her religion to another is a matter that relates to their privacy. So let us not go into reasons regarding what made these celebrities make such a decision.

Most celebrities in kerala changed their religion after getting married. Only few celebrities like Monica, Mohini became attracted to a religion whcih made them decide to get converted. Malayalam actresses who converted to Islam are Lissy priyadarshan, Nayanthara.

Names of Malayalam actress converts to Islam

  • Actress Minu Kurian became Muslim and changed name to Minu Muneer (Was Christian earlier)

malayalam actress converts to islam

  • Actress Monica became MG Rehima

Names of Malayalam actress converts to Hinduism

  • Actress Jomol changed her name to Gowri after getting married.

  • Kerala actress Annie became Chitra

After her love marriage with Director Shaji Kailas, malayalam actress Annie changed her religion to Hinduism.

Names of Malayalam actress converts to Christhianity

  • Mohini became Christina

South actress Mohini who is popular in Malayalam, Tamil movies converted from Hindu religion to Christian. Mohini changed her name to Christina after she started following path of Jesus. She became interested in Christhian beliefs which made her decide to get converted.


Kavitha Nair photos Malayalam anchor, serial actress kavitha nair family

Manimelam is a malayalam musical reality show being telecast in Kairali tv channel. Actress Kavitha Nair family details and husband name is updated. Kavitha Nair photos from Manimelam show with Kalabhavan Mani looks nice. This program is shown from Monday to Thursday at night 9.30 pm. The judge and male anchor of this show is Kalabhavan Mani. Along with him the female anchor who is the main attraction of the show “Mani Melam” is Kavitha Nair.

On Tuesday, 30 December 2015, malayalam actress Kavitha Nair is celebrating her Birthday. She has updated one of her photos during a morning temple visit on her birthday. Apothecary is the latest malayalam movie of Kavitha Nair. We can see actress Kavitha Nair dressed in muslim black burqa / pardha and standing with Suresh Gopo, Asif Ali. This is a still from the new malayalam cinema Apothecary.

Kavita Nair is a popular Kerala anchor, serial actress and malayalam movie artiste. Recently she had got married and this is her first birthday after wedding. The simple Mundu Neriyathu wearing photo of actress Kavitha Nair on her temple visit looks traditionally beautiful. Pirannal Ashamsakal to Kavitha Nair. Happy Birthday Kavitha Nair. Recently she acted in the malayalam movie Balyakalasakhi and now she is an anchor of the Malayalam music based program Mani Melam in Kairali channel.

Serial and movie actress Kavita Nair has become more popular after being part of Manimelam. Few years back Kavitha Nair was one of the most searched serial actresses in malayalam after Beena Antony.
Now Kavitha Nair is becoming the most popular female artiste to be looked by everyone.

Actress Kavitha Nair family

Manimelam is one of the popular reality show hosted by Kavitha Nair with Kalabhavan Mani as an anchor. Malayalam Anchor and Actress Kavitha Nair has got engaged on Saturday 23 August 2014.

Kavitha Nair photos Actress Kavitha Nair family

Engagement function of Kavitha Nair was held in the house itself and was without any grand ceremony. Only close relatives and friends attended the engagement of Kavitha Nair with Nandan. Kavitha Nair is the anchor of the Kairali tv show Manimelam.

Malayalam serial actress and anchor Kavitha Nair marriage photos look gorgeous. Kavitha Nair is popular as a malayalam tv serial actress and has also acted in lot of movies in mollywood in supporting roles. Recently on Thursday, 28 August 2014, Kerala actress Kavitha Nair got married to Nandan in a wedding function which was conducted as a private function.

Kavitha Nair and Nandan got married on 28-8-14 and their engagement function was also held few days back. Kavitha Nair, Nandan wedding reception was spectacular like their marriage function.


Mohini Divorce Malayalam actress mohini breakup reasons news husband

Mohini is one of the famous South Indian actresses, who did great roles in Malayalam, Tamil movies. Actress Mohini divorce was another sad incident because she was a great South Indian celebrity who has done brilliant roles, tamil, telugu , tamil film industries. Did she actually get divorced ? No she did not.

South actress Mohini’s first husband was Bharath. But there was lot of family problems in their life. Bharath and Mohini did not lead a happy life. Later her husband started to suspect her and even said that their child did not belong to him. But later their problems ended. Soon a news spread that actress Mohini got divorced from her husband Bharath. Mohini was married to Bharat in 2004 and but she did not actually get divorced from Bharath.

Mohini has a child in her marriage and son’s name is Rudraksh Bharath. There is no second marriage for actress Mohini and is not divorced from her first husband as per latest information. Now Mohini is acting in lot of movies in character roles. Earlier she had done glamorous roles in movies during the star of her acting career. For the Malayalam film Parinayam actress Mohini got the nomination for best actress.

After wedding with Bharath she went to America. Later during her family problems she became a Christhian and changed her name to Christina. Mohini’s husband name is Bharath Krishnaswamy and her full name is Mohini Christina Srinivasan.

Recently there was a news that Mohini was happy that she became a Christhian. She revealed that most of her problems in life were solved after she turned to prayers with Jesus. Mohini is known now by name of Christina.

Actress Mohini divorce news

Actress Mohini will never come back to acting as she is leading a religious life. Mohini is an actress who did hundreds of movies in South India. She was one of the favorite actresses of people allover Kerala, Tamilnadu, Andhra.

First Malayalam cinema of actress Mohini is Naadody. Before that she acted in Tamil, Telugu ,Hindi movies. Eeramana Rojave is first tamil cinema of Mohini. Later she acted in her first Kannada film Sriramachandra.

Last movie of Mohini was in Mollywood are Collector, Innathe Chintha Vishayam.