Boby Chemmanur Leaked Video by Old Staff Viral news Boby Chemmanur

With Malayalam actor Dileep arrest on 10 July 2017, another big personality in Kerala is also affected. Actor Siddique’s question regarding why no actions are taken against Boby Chemmanur by law or news channels while everyone is against Dileep has pinpointed trouble to Boby Chemmanur. Siddique mentioned about a controversial video clip regarding Chemmannur Group owner Bobby Chemmanur. Popular personality Boby Chemmanur leaked video is now viral in social media sites. This is a video taken using a sting operation done by an old female staff of Chemmanur International abroad. It has clear audio of conversation between a woman and Bobby Chemmanur who is clearly visible in it.

An online website which is doing investigations and giving controversial news ‘’ has released Boby Chemmanur leaked video. Tis video clip clearly shows conversations between Boby Chemmanur and a lady. Face of Boby Chemmanur is clearly visible in this video and we can see him talking harshly with the woman. Face of woman in video is not clearly visible. She has taken this video clip of Boby Chemmanur as an evidence using her mobile.

Now this leaked video of Boby Chemmanur is watched by all people of Kerlala and all who knows him. Even though this video clip had become viral few months back itself, there was no action taken against him. Investigations on many complaints by people against Boby Chemmanur were not progressing due to his money power. So why is this video of Boby Chemmanur viral all of a sudden again in July 2017.

It’s because of remark by Malayalam actor Siddique who talked about Boby Chemmanur leaked video. Siddique was talking about arrest of Malayalam actor Dileep and said that he was of opinion that anyone who has done crime should be arrested. Along with this Siddique pointed out the fact that Boby Chemmanur had illegal relations with a woman and video prof of this has come out several months ago. A complaint was also given by this woman against Boby Chemmanur, but no actions was taken against this.

Boby Chemmanur leaked video news

Actor Siddique asked why people like Boby Chemmanur escape from hands of law and people like Dileep get arrested all of a sudden. Siddique was angry with media who are giving more importance to arrest of Dileep, while they are closing eyes against people like Boby Chemmanur who are hiding from law.

This remark by actor Siddique has brought everyone’s attention back to Boby Chemmanur.

This video which was posted few years back is now becoming viral with tag line of ‘Boby Chemmannur trapped in Hidden cam using old staff. (ബോബി ചെമ്മണ്ണൂരിനെ ജീവനക്കാരി ഒളിക്യാമറയില് കുടുക്കി)

Boby Chemmanur Leaked video

Boby Chemmanur is owner of Chemmanur International Jewellers and he received everyone’s attention by briniging Diego Maradona to Kerala. He also conducted marathon run for World’s Largest Blood Bank and got name in Limca Book of Records.

Boby Chemmanur group has lot of jewelry showrooms around World in places like Kuwait, Malaysia, UAE. etc.

Dileep arrest on 10-7-2017 was discussed by all news channels till now. Based on actor Siddique’s strong remarks on Boby Chemmanur, will any actions be taken in this case is not known. Anyway actress attack case arrest of Dileep is somehow affecting Boby Chemmanur too with remark by actor Siddique.