Bibleo director sajan kurian Malayalam director at Ladakh during shooting

Who is Bibleo director was asked by all when they heard news that he passed at ladakh. It happened in December 2015 and he lost his life at early age of 33 years.

What had actually happened to Sajan Kurian who was Director of Bibleo movie. Shooting location of this film was at Ladakh. During shooting of this movie this tragic incident happened shocking everyone.

Temperature at Ladakh during this time was Minus 24 degrees and his health condition worsened when he was at his hotel room.

Malayalam film actors Shine Tom Chacko and Joy Mathew were in important roles in this movie.

Bibleo director Sajan Kurian

Bibleo director Sajan Kurian

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Other movies of Bibleo Director Sajan Kurian are The Last Vision and Dancing Death.