Latest news details of videos in memory card of Kerala actress attack case

On Monday evening, 10-7-2017 Kerala actor Dileep and Nadirshah were arrested by Police. Arrest of Dileep, Nadirshah was made in conspiracy case in actress attack case. On 5-7-2017, actor Dharmajan Bolgatty and Dileep’s brother Anoop were questioned. Dharmajan has acted with Dileep in Malayalam movie Pappy Appacha in which Anoop was Producer. Meanwhile many photos of actor Dharmajan with Sunil Kumar is being shown in news channels. Shocking case of actress attack incident happened on 17th February 2017 near Angamaly in Ernakulam district of Kerala. There is news at present that  controversial memory card containing actress attack case video clip was found out by Police from Lakshyah office in Kakkanad.

Malayalam actress video news about her visuals being taken forcefully in a running vehicle is now under last stage of investigation. As Nadirshah may get arrested in this case, his wife got some health problems due to over tension and got admitted at hospital on 4th July evening. In these visuals taken in selfie mode clear visuals of Sunil Kumar with attacked actress was seen. He was seen harming this actress and forcing her to co-operate in taking video to be used for blackmailing her. This video clip retrieved from memory card is of 2.5 minutes (180 seconds).

Based on interrogation Sunil Kumar informed that around 45 minutes of video of this attacked actress was taken by them which was later edited. As per news about attack on this Malayalam actress, more evidences are gathered by Police. There will be 6 people who are accused and have to be arrested in this case on attack of actress. Who are they ? This is main discussion done by Kerala news media channels. Police is checking the blackmail audio tapes of conversations between Nadirsha and Vishnu.

This audio was handed over by Nadirhsha to Police in Dileep’s complaint that Vishnu is trying to blackmail them. Police is now conducting investigations to find out whether any editing was done in this phone conversation.

Malayalam actress attack case video

Pulsar Suni was remanded by Court as per demand for Police to do more questioning. Remand will continue till 18th July 2017. Pulsar Suni case is be taken by Advocate B.A Aloor.

Police has taken strict actions to prevent visuals of actress attack video from being leaked. As social media is very strong now a days any such small mistake will create lot of problems. Memory card containing video of attacked actress and Pulsar Suni was checked by High officials in Police.

Dileep arrest news on 10 July 2017 (10-7-2017)

Director Nadirshah wife

On 4-7-2017 evening, Shahina Shah wife of Nadirshah felt health problems and is now admitted at hospital. Nadirshah has two daughters Ayisha, Khadeeja.

18-7-2017 – As per recent updates, it’s suspected that actor Dileep had send memory card to another person in Dubai. Police are investigating this case and taking all precautions to avoid this video getting leaked. If this video reaches hands of others, there are chances that this video may get leaked online in Youtbe, Whatsapp .etc. To avoid this video getting leaked, Police has made investigation faster and secure to avoid any mistakes.

Malayalam actress attack case is nearing climax in coming days. Police officials and Minister Mercykutty Amma of Kerala State Government said that arrest of people involved in controversial actress attack case will be done within 2 days. We can expect that all people involved will be arrested by 6th july 2017 (6-7-2017) if investigation is going in right way.


At present Dileep is trying to get anticipatory bail from High court to avoid getting arrested in this case. Police has informed actor Dileep that he should not leave Kerala as he is to be questioned again in case regarding actress attack. Dileep and Director Nadhirshah were questioned few days back. For more evidence Dileep has to be questioned once more.


Malaylama actor Dharmajan Bolgatty was questioned on 5-7-2017 in connection with this case to get more leads. This was due too information that Dharmajan knows Sunil Kumar (Pulsar) before. A selfie of Dharmajan and Pulsar Suni proves that they both know each other.

Photo of Dharmajan and Suni


Dileep’s brother and actor Anoop was questioned by Police on 5 July 2017. Anoop had produced malayalam movie Pappy Appacha in which Dileep and Dharmajan had acted.

Fake News about Video leaked

Meanwhile many YouTube videos are released about actress attack issue and arrests made in this case. There are people saying that video of actress attack case has leaked out. This is not true and every one please beware that in coming days many such fake messages will come in Whatspp, Facebook .etc.

Malayalam actress attack case video


Director Nadirshah is close friend of actor Dileep and knows his personal secrets in business, movies. From beginning itself name of a new Director was accused and investigation is continuing. Nadirsha is trying to get anticipatory bail (Munkoor Jamyam) along with Dileep to avoid any situations of getting arrested. Police have found that a phone number contacted by Pulsar Suni many times was that of Director Nadirshah.


Appunni is Dileep’s Manager and close aide who knows everything about Dileep. Few years back Appunni was Dileep’s driver and later he became Manager of Dileep. Police is suspecting that Dileep talked with Pulsar Suni in Appunni’s phone. Real name of Appunni is A.S Sunilraj.

Kavya Madhavan

Kavya Madhavan’s online shopping portal is Lakshyah and it has an office in kakkanad. Pulsar Suni had given statement that he had gone to a shop in Kakkanad. Suni also said that his friend gave a memory card of attacked actress video visuals to Lakshya office. Police conducted a raid on actress Kavya Madhavan’s office and her house.

On investigation it was found that CCTV visuals of days before and after attack was removed from server. Police conducted a search for this memory card and there is no information regarding whether it was found from Lakshya office or not.

Dileep’s second marriage with actress Kavya Madhavan was held in November 2016.

Shyamala Madhavan

Shyamala Madhavan is mother of Malayalam actress Kavya Madhavan. Shyamala Madhavan was asked to come to Police office for questioning along with Dileep, Nadirsha. But they have rejected this request and trying to get anticipatory bail. Does Kavya Madhavan mother Shyamala Madhavan has any connection to this case is being interrogated.

Mythili says she is not questioned 

Actress Mythili has a flat at Thammanam. There some reports chat actress Mythili was also questioned in this case recently by Police. Bit she informed that she is not involved in this case.

Does Mythily have any connection to this case is not known as investigation is still continuing.

Earlier Pulsar Suni had told actress that they will be forced to take her to a flat in Thammanam and get her drugged if she does not cooperate with them. This was why Police has concentrated investigations regarding flats in Thammanam and relations to any people in Film industry.

Who is Madam in Actress attack case

In actress attack case main doubt for everyone is regarding who is the ‘Madam’ who gave quotation to Sunil Kumar to attack actress. Pulsar Suni had said that this was a quotation given by a Madam who promised him money in return for visuals of attacked actress.

Pulsar Suni had said that this Madam had planned to blackmail this attacked actress to get back some money or real estate property. So finding out ‘Madam’ in this actress attack case will lead to real person who has given quotation to harm this South Indian celebrity.

What Happened to these 3 Friends

Few years back Dileep, Kavya Madhavan, Bhavana, Manju Warrier were close friends. At that time actor Dileep and Mnaju Warrier was happily married. When Manju Warrier split up with Dileep and got divorce there were many other split ups too. Dileep and Kavya Madhavan’s friendship with Bhavana ended too.

Picture tells – How it all ended for Kavya Madhavan, Bhavana, Manju Warrier

Manju Warrier always had a strong friendly relation with Bhavana. In all struggles of Manju Warrier, it was actress Bhavana who stood up with her.

When actress was attacked by Pulsar Suni (Sunil Kumar) , it was Manju Warrier who tried to get justice for her by using all her energy. When Manju Warrier realized that AMMA association won’t be able to deliver justice to attacked actress, she decided to organize other Malayalam actresses and form ‘Women in Cinema Collective’. This movement by Manju Warrier has led to strong investigation in this actress attack case at Kerala.