Bhavana Lungi Dance, Miya Malayalam Movie Hello Namasthe

The Lungi Dance by actresses wearing lungi and shirt is common in South Indian movies in the songs. In Malayalam also many extra actresses have done the lungi blouse dance, but not the lungi shirt dance. Here two of the popular heroines of Mollywood are getting ready for a lungi dance.

Bhavana Lungi Dance will astonish everyone. At present the photos of malayalam actresses Bhavana Lungi Dance with Miya George is popular in social media. Bhavana is at present doing glamour roles in South Indian movies and is compromising for romancing scenes. Bhavana has changed a lot and willing to do glamour roles wearing shorts, towels .etc. The towel wearing scene of Bhavana in Angry Babies is super hit among her fans. This time Bhavana is coming to entertain the audience with her lungi photos.

When everyone heard the word Bhavana lungi , they thought that she is coming wearing a lungi blouse like the traditional old Kerala actress. You have been mistaken. Bhavana and actress Miya George are appearing in a song in the new malayalam movie Hello Namasthe wearing a lungi and shirt. They even posed by lifting up the lungi and wearing it like men. Both Bhavana and Miya George looks gorgeous wearing bright colored lungi and churidhar tops with sun glasses in yoyo looks. The Bhavana lungi dance is actually a tribute idea taken from Shahrukh Khan’s Bollywood movie Chennai Express.

In the new malayalam cinema Hello Namasthe, the actresses . Both had shared the picture on their respective Facebook pages. ‘Hello Namasthe’ has Miya, Bhavana, Sanju Sivrama and Vinay Forrt playing radio jockeys.

Bhavana Lungi Dance from Hello Namasthe

malayalam actress bhavana lungi photos lungi liftedBhavana Lungi Dance 

Song of Lungi Dance Bhavana in the film Hello Namasthe is undergoing shooting. So we will update this hot item song of Bhavana and Miya George in Hello Namasthe soon.

Release date of Hello Namasthe will be soon updated. The cast of the film Namaasthe are as follows with actors like Vinay Forrt, Aju Varghese and actresses like Bhavana, Miya George.