Bhama leaked photo in Whatsapp incident reality – Renjini Jose, Muktha

Photograph of Malayalam actresses like Bhama, Renjini Jose (singer, actress, anchor) and Muktha with a man has been circulating allover in Facebook and Whatsapp. Bhama Whatsapp leaked picture became so viral that it came to the attention of Bhama. She decided to reveal truth regarding anonymous person in this picture.

Everyone have been sharing this photograph without knowing reality. Main problem of people of Kerala is that they jump into some kind of conclusion and share, forward or like a photo without knowing what it is really about. This is a great mistake done which should be stopped for ever. It is not getting stopped. Long list of Whatsapp Leaked Photos , Videos of popular malayalam actresses in past few months will startle all of you.

So let us once again come back to post regarding photo. We all know that female artistes we see are Renjini Jose, Bhamaa and Muktha (Bhanu).  Seriousness regarding photo that was becoming viral of Bhama and others was realized when Bhama made a post in her official Facebook profile page regarding this incident. 5-2-2016 – latest news report is regarding Ranjini Jose Father Arrest and Babu Jose was sent to Kakkanad Jail. Incident of Malayalam actress leaked photos in case of Bhama was a original picture with wrong caption. Renjini Jose has Bhama posted in FB about that photograph – Renjini Jose, Muktha, Bhama Whatsapp Leaked Photo True or Not ? It was just Renjini Jose(singer) and her Father Jose uncle, Bhama  and Muktha.

Yes that is truth behind all this. It was just our singer, actress Renjni Jose with her father Jose posing for a photo along with her friends Muktha and Bhama.

Reality behind Bhama leaked photo in Whatsapp

Any way Whatsapp leaked photo news regarding Bhavana, Muktha and Ranjini Jose spread like fire. So now it is your turn to realize mistake and share this truth with all your friends.

No one would have guessed that some fool would post it into internet with some unwanted captions and many hundreds will share without any common sense.

Bhama leaked photo in Whatsapp

Ranjini Jose is a Malayalam playback singer and movie actress in films like Red Chillies. Elsa George also known as Muktha  and Bhanu is a Malayalam, Tamil actress. She is Thamarabharani tamil movie fame actress, whose first Mollywood movie is Achanurangatha Veedu.

Real name of actress Bhama is Rekitha Rajendra Kurup. Her first Malayaalm movie is Nivedyam from director A. K. Lohithadas.