BEVCO bonus kerala problems 2018 news on Onam bonus Rs.85000

Finance Department of Kerala said that they will not take the additional burden of Bonus to be given to employees of DU registration. It’s because Bevco bonus Kerala is the highest among all other departments. Festival allowances are given to employees in Kerala during Onam festival. During Onam 2017 Kerala government announced that employees of beverages Corporation (BevCo) will be given 29.5 percentage as special bonus. What will bonus in year 2018.

This is one of the highest bonus allotment  do in department in Kerala government.  This higher bonus announcement create a lot of problems Kerala government staff. In situations when goverment departments like KSRTC are suffering losses and not even able to pay salary of employees comma giving such high bonus created lot of complaints.

Beverages Corporation of Kerala also known as BEVCO is one of the few departments in Kerala government which is making the biggest revenue every financial year.

This prompted Government to allot bonus of around rupees 85000 as festival allowance for Onam festival. Last year in 2016 during Onam festival the bonus paid to Beverages Corporation employees was rupees 80000. This year in 2017 the bonus for staff was increased by rupees 5000.

Kerala Finance Department asked Chief Minister to fix a limit for bonus as they found it difficult to handle requests of issuing higher amounts to staff of Kerala beverages Corporation. There was a lot of protest from people regarding allowing such high bonus to employees of beverages when many employees of other departments are not even getting proper salary.

Alia best on request of Finance Department the bonus of KSFE was limited to rupees 75000. Present requested to Chief Minister is to limit the bonus rate of the beverages Corporation also to a lesser amount.

Government will take a decision about Bevco bonus Kerala only after considering all sides. This is because Bevco is a department which brings in highest revenue to Government treasury. Employees of beverages has longer duty time than other departments and so any decision to reduce bonus will cause protest from employees.

The staff of Beverages Corporation requested a government to sanction leave them on thiruvonam day. Cash collection from beverages outlets on Thiruvonam day is the highest. Also there are chances that fake alcohol will be introduced in the market by other people causing harm to people who drink it.

Considering all these situations Kerala government decided to open beverage outlets on the day of thiruvonam also. In last year also Bevco opened outlets of beverage all over Kerala and made the highest collection.

All employees of Bevco who work on Thiruvonam day will be given a special Thiruvonam allowance of rupees 2000.

Onam advance that is given to all permanent staff of Beverages Corporation in 2017 is around rupees 30000. All C1, C2 and C3 categories employees will be given around 1 lakh Onam bonus while labeling staff will get Rs 16000, security staff will get Rs 10000 and sweepers will get Rs 1000.