Avarude Raavukal producer name Ajay Krishnan photos, family, reasons

Name of Avarude Raavukal producer is Ajay Krishnan. Release date of Avarude Raavukal was on 23 June 2017. But Ajay Krishnan was not alive to watch release of his film because he ended everything on 23rd April 2016. He was just 29 years old when he took this decision.

Avarude Raavukal Director Shanil Muhammed said that there was no financial problems for this film and reason why Ajay Krishnan did like this is unknown. Among Avarude Raavukal cast actor Asif Ali did role of Aashiq Abu, actorUnni Mukundan acted in role of character Siddharth Gopan and actress Honey Rose did role of Shivani Jayan. Other cast of this movie were Aishwarya Chandran, Aju Varghese , Vinay Forrt, Mukesh, Nisha Sarang , Lena, Ambika Mohan, Vinitha Koshy.

Ajay had a girl friend named Vineetha Nair who was fashion designer graduate in Bengaluru. Few days after this his girl friend Vineetha Nair also ended life on 3rd May 2016. Reason for her passing is that she was not able to bear loss of Ajay Krishnan.

Shanil Muhammed is director of movie Avarude Ravukal. Cast of actors, actress in Avarude Ravukal are Honey Rose, Asif Ali, Vinay Forrt, Unni Mukundan.

Avarude Raavukal producer news

Why did Avarude Raavukal producer decided to end his life even before release of his movie was asked by everyone.

Avarude Raavukal producer

Ajay Krishnan was facing financial crisis and feared that his movie will be a failure in box office collection. He had watched preview of his movie and feared that it will not be successful in box office collections. This was reason why Ajay Krishnan decided to bringing an end to everything.