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Athira Santhosh is known by name Athithi in Film industry. Athira Santhosh is a Malayalam tv serial actress who is popular in Kerala. She went to act in Kollywood for her first tamil movie Nedunalvadai. At shooting location of the film Nedunalvadai she faced problems from Director Selva Kannan. Athira Santhosh Athithi was approached with love proposals from Director.

Athira Santhosh had to face many physical, mental torture from Director Selva Kannan which is latest news in Kollywood. Problems faced by her was unnoticed by anyone, as such actress leaked photo incidents happen in Film industry. It is said that actress have to be more open minded to stay up in film industry and get chances in their initial stages of acting. Tamil newbie actress Athithi (Athira Santhosh) could not bear abuse she faced from Director Selva Kannan. She tried to commit suicide and on getting rescued at hospital she opened up her mind.

Video of Athira Santhosh Athithi telling about difficulties she faced from Tamil Director was telecast by a news channel. With this attention of media was drawn towards Athira Santhosh and cruelty done by Director Selva Kannan. Incident regarding Athira Santhosh suicide happened on 28 September 2016 and this news got viral in Whatsapp. First of all it was considered as a gossip. Soon credible news reports came out that Malayalam actress Athira Santhosh Athithi is in hospital. Actress Athira Santhosh filed complaint against Nedunalvadai director Selva Kannan in Virugambakkam police station. She also gave a complaint to Nadikar Sangam, who said that they will inquire regarding this incident.

Nadikar Sangam could not directly help Athira Santhosh as she is not a member of the association. Nedunalvadai is first tamil movie of actress Athithi (Adhithi) in Kollywood.

Selva Kannan earlier worked as Assistant with Director Samy. There had been issues by actresses with Director Samy who earlier misbehaved with actress Padmapriya. Samy slapped Padmapriya which became a controversy. Now his assistant Selva Kannan is under similar controversy with another actress Athithi (Athira Santosh).

Malayalam Actress Athira Santhosh Athithi vs Director – News

Popular Tamil Director Samy’s Assistant Selva Kannan tried to physically abuse actress Adhithi (Athira Santhosh). Inicdent happened in September 2016 during shooting location of Tamil movie Nedunalvadai. Adithi was approached with proposal by Selva Kannan. She refused it and this made Selva Kannan start physical abuse with her. She was sexually harassed by him and was threatened that he will harm her if she revealed about it. She was also locked up for 5 days by Selva Kannan. She withdraw herself from film project of Nedunalvadai. All these issues happened 4 months back.

Actress Adithi gave a complaint to actor Vishal, who is leader of Nadigar Sangam. Later she started working with another tamil movie. But Selva Kannan went to it’s shooting location and caused problems. She decided to end up life because Selva Kumar tried to destroy her acting career. She made a Facebook post that she is ending everything.

Interview of Athira Santhosh from Hospital

This is exclusive interview of actress Adithi (Athira Santhosh) from hospital. She reveals everything about problems she faced from Director Selva Kannan.

There were gossips that Malayalam actress Athira Santhosh video leaked in Whatsapp. This news is spreading in social media from moment suicide attempt news of Athira Santhosh came out. Actually only an interview video of actress Athira Santhosh Athithi is now available in Youtube.

Tamil, Malayalam Actress Athira Santhosh Adhithi Photos

Athira Santhosh photos

Actress Athira Santhosh (Athithi) is better known as a Malayalam serial actress. She is also a dancer who did many shows in Kerala.

Athira acted in Malayalam serial Dathuputhri telecast in Mazhavil Manorama channel. Before she got chance to act in Tamil movies, Athithi acted in Tamil serials.