Malayalam Actress Asha Sarath Video Case, Kumkumapoovu, Papanasam, Drishyam Fame

Kerala Movie, Tv serial actress Asha Sarath video leaked incident is being checked by Cyber Police for case filed in July 2015. Investigation in Asha Sarath Video leaked case is going on. Gayathri Arun Parasparam serial actress case was solved only few days back for which she had given complaint in December 2014, which means 7 months.

Asha Sarath is the Malayalam actress who acted in Kumkumapoovu tv serial in Asianet channel. Videos of South Indian actresses getting leaked from their mobile, computer .etc. is common with increased use of technology. But this is entirely different when photos or videos of actresses are made by .morphing.or by using similar looking people and put in Whatsapp. Now Whatsapp is used for instant sharing and downloading of photos. It is becoming common especially in Kerala that people share or download fake videos of actresses claiming to be leaked without even checking it’s genuineness.

It will create lot of problems if found by Cyber dept and in cases when actresses file a complaint with Cyber Police, they will do an investigation to find out source of such fake celebrity videos. Kerala Actress Asha Sarath Video is the latest to be involved in such a tight situation. Malayalam and Tamil actress is better known to everyone through the cinema Drishyam and it’s remake where she acted with Mohanlal and Kamal Hassan. Now Asha Sharath is a better knon tamil celebrity and her latest film in Kollywood is Thoongavanam with Kamal Hassan.

When she started becoming popular , someone might have thought of doing a mischief with her and destroy her good name and career.

Videos are being spread online and through Whatsapp claiming to be leaked videos of Asha Sarath the Drishyam fame actress. At last the news reached the ears of Asha Sarath and like the bold roles she do in movies, she decided to react upon who ever did it.

Asha Sarath filed a complaint with Kochi Police Commissioner and an investigation is going on at full swing. Asha Sarath is a great classical dancer and she is seen in the stage shows of most programs in Kerala and abroad. Actress Asha Sarath’s performance in the movie Papanasam and Drishyam was awesome with her fast and furious role as a Police Officer.

Asha Sarath Video leaked in Whatsapp – Case Filed

Asha Sarath also made a Facebook regarding her thoughts on the problems faced by women at all places and unoriginal videos like this can create problems. She also asks everyone to react against such people who are humiliating celebrities.

Regarding malayalam actress leaked videos or fake photos most culprits are found sooner or later. Problem is due to situation that such things get repeated by someone else. Shalu Kurian and Jyothi Krishna leaked pics online is latest issue in Kerala.

Asha Sarath video leaked

Asha Sarath is married in her 40’s with 2 daughters and is settled in Dubai. She comes to India for acting and returns back to Dubai where she is running a big school for teaching Dance, Songs and all kind of performing arts.

Papanasam Actress WhatsApp Video is doing rounds through phones and the news have gone viral because she is known well in both Mollywood and Kollywood.

Earlier Parasparam fame serial actress Gayathri Arun had filed a complaint in similar case and on 28 July 2015 the culprit was arrested.