Malayalam actress Asha sarath fake photo used in profile of dating site app

Photos of Malayalam actress leaked online every day and it seems a headache for celebrities to follow up all these issues. This is what has happened now in case of Kerala actress Asha Sarath fake photo issue. This incident happened  in January 2018 in an advertisement used by a popular dating site app.

They have used a fake photo with face of actress Asha Sarath to attract customers and subscribers to their dating app. It’s unknown whether they have deliberately used picture of Asha Sarath in this advertisement or unknowinglly done it. Any way many people of Kerala who saw this fake picture of Asha Sarath reported it as a complaint. When news that Kerala actress Asha Sarath fake picture was used by an app for promotion activities became viral the company decided to take off this picture.

Actress Asha Sarath photos was used in advertisement of Indian dating site app and now this picture has been removed. This will be surely a warning to all dating sites which use fake pictures of Malayalam celebrities to attract subscribers to use their service.

Photos of Malayalam celebrities used for illegal activates in social media like Whatsapp, Facebook is increasing day by day. There seems to be no control over it. Recently photos of Jyothi Krishna, Mythili had been viral in internet during 2017-2018.

News about Asha Sarath fake photo in dating site

Many business organizations use photos of celebrities without their permission. But in this case a fake photo-shopped image having body of another woman in Saree blouse was used along with face of actress Asha Sarath. This was what created problems and made people report this issue directly to the dating app company.

Many people made this as a big news and fearing a complaint from actress Asha Sarath herself this photo was removed from their advertisement.

Asha sarath fake photo

Asha Sarath Profile, Stills

Actress Asha Sarath became to familiar to Kerala audience through Asianet serial Kumkumapoovu as Professor Jayanthi. Later she did debut Malayalam film ‘Friday’ and later in movies like Karmayodha, Zachariayude Garbhinikal. Role of actress Asha Sarath in Mohanalal – Jeethu Joseph movie Drishyam in character of IG Geetha Prabhakar was really outstanding. Upcoming movies of actress Asha Sarath in 2018 are Bhaagamathie, Uncle, Pavizhamally.

Asha Sarath Family photo

Name of actress, dancer Asha Sarath’s husband is TV Sharath. Asha Sarath has two daughters Uthara and Keerthana.

Actress Asha Sarath is a well known dancer and does programs in many Award nights, stage shows .etc. She has also won many Film awards for her remarkable performances in Malayalam movies. She is having a dance and arts school in Dubai.