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Archana Kavi is a Malayalam actress who is popular among Kerala film audience as Neelathamara heroine. Neelathamara actress tattoo video is getting popular after she released it. She went to do tattoo with her husband Abhish Mathew. Video showing actress Archana Kavi doing tattooing in upper part of her body on front part of her shoulders has become viral.

Archana Kavi tattoo video was shared by herself saying that it’s my first tattoo. She looks funny and we can see her asking whether the procedure will be painful or not. Marriage of actress Archana Kavi with Abhish Mathew was done on 23 rd January 2016. Archana Jose Kavi was born at Delhi and grew up there. Her parents were from Kannur in Kerala and they settled in Delhi as they were working there. Later Archana Kavi moved to Kerala and became anchor in few Television programs.

In Malayalam movie Neelathamara from Director Lal Jose she got lead role. Neelathamara is a remake Malayalam movie of an older released version few years back. In new Neelathamara released in 2009 she acted in role of Kunjimalu which was enacted earlier by old actress Ambika. Story of Neelathamara movie was from MT Vasudevan Nair and she was suitable for this role. In one interview she had said that she was born in New Delhi and was not even familiar with traditional dress of Kerala. In her role as Kunjimalu in Neelathamara she had to wear mundu and blouse which was done with great difficulty.

Role of actress Archana Kavi in Neelathamara movie has given more popularity and is still know by this movie. After Neelathamara she did around 30 Malayalam movies. Actress Archana Kavi also acted in Tamil movies like Aravaan in role of Chimitti and in Gnana Kirukkan as Sumathi. She also did a Telugu movie Backbench Student in role of character Priyanka. After marriage she did not appear in any Malayalam movies. Her last movie was Dooram.

Neelathamara actress tattoo photos

Doing Tattoo is popular among Bollywood celebrities. Among Malayalam actress in Kerala it is not at all a trend because it is considered as a fashion extreme. Another reason is due to problems of acting in different types of roles and having a permanent tattoo in their body will cause difficulty. Archana Kavia is among few Kerala actress who has done tattoo mark in their body.

Neelathamara actress tattoo

Slideshow – Malayalam actress Archana Kavi doing Tattoo

Video of Archana Kavi doing her first tattoo


Archana Kavi Marriage with Abhish Mathew

Archana Kavi as Kunjimalu in Neelathamara (2009)

Neelathamara movie shows how much transformation can be done using make up, costumes to convert Archana Kavi who is from a metropolitan city into a village character.

Popular Malayalam movies of actress Archana Kavi are Mummy & Me, Salt and Pepper, Nadodimannan, Neelathaamara. She is aged 29 years old at present. Name of actress Archana Kavi’s husband is Abish Mathew.