Keral actress Anusree Shobha Yatra photos Sree Krishna Jayanthi 2017

Malayalam actress Anusree Shobha Yatra photos held in September 2017 as part of Sree Krishna Jayanthi procession is now talk of social media. Actress anusree is a popular actress who came in film industry through director Lal Jose film diamond necklace.

Later Anusree started acting in a lot of Malayalam cinemas like Pullippulikalum Aattinkuttiyum, Red wine, Chandrettan evideya, Ithihasa which were popular movies in her career.

Latest films in Anusree’s career are Maheshinte Prathikaaram as Soumya, Oppam movie as police officer Ganga. In upcoming Malayalam cinema Aadhi, actress Anushree is acting with Pranav Mohanlal in an interesting role as character Jaya.

Actress and Suresh is a village girl coming from Kamukumchery in Kollam district. She has all innocence and smartness which made her a popular celebrity in Malayalam film industry.

participated in Shobha Yatra procession conducted as part of Sree Krishna Jayanthi held on 12th September. Everyone who saw photos of Kerala actress Anusree dressed as Mother India in saree and holding flag liked her appearance. Many people thought that it was some other girl who resembled actress Vanisri it was because they never thought that a popular actress like Anusree will come for a procession of Balajanasakhyam.

Actress Anushree is a actress who has no difficulty in mingling with her village people even though she had become a celebrity. Everyone appreciated her simple life and applauded her appearance in this procesion of Shobha Yatra. There were many people who criticized her for attending this procession of Shobha Yatra. Anyway actress Anusree Shobha Yatra had ked to few controversial remarks while she had not intended for doing anything like that.

Recently name of actress Anusree is dragged into a controversy after she participated in a Shobha Yatra procession conducted in September 2017.

Actress Anusree Shobha Yatra photos

Anusree Shobha Yatra

Many people criticized that she is an RSS activist. It was because she is holding an RSS colour flag and this made few people to comment that she is a “Sanghi”.

Photo of actress Anusree doing helping works by washing utensils is also popular.

Anushree came into film industry by participating as a contestant in a reality show Vivel Active Fair Big Break through which she won first prize. Director for Lal Jose who was a judge of this show gave chance for her to act in his film diamond necklace.