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There is a fake news that Malayalam actress Ansiba Hassan wedding was held in September 2017.  Actress Ansiba Hassan made it clear that she is actually not married. Photos that are circulating in social media sites like Facebook and WhatsApp are not real.

This fake marriage photo album if Ansiba Hassan was taken from a screenshot of short film named Love Mates in which she had acted few months back. There were fake news reports which said that Ansiba Hassan and Murali Menon marriage is a good reply to moral policing by social media who used to continuously ask her to wear thattam while taking photos.

Actress ansiba Hassan started her career in film industry through Malayalam cinema Innnathe Chintha Vishayam. Later Ansiba Hassan became popular by acting as Mohanlal’s daughter in Malayalam cinema Drishyam. In this film she did role of character Anju George.

Actress Ansiba Hassan who is from a Muslim family got married to a Hindu groom. Actress Ansiba Hassan had a love marriage with Murali Menon.

More details regarding actress ansiba Hassan wedding reception will be knoen soon.

After that she acted in a Tamil movie Kacheri Arambam and later in Koncham Veyil Koncham Mazhai.

Before coming into Malayalam cinema Drishyam she had done few glamour roles in Tamil movies. “Paranjothi” is the Tamil film in which she acted in glamorous role.

Ansiba Hassan wedding photos is Fake. It’s from Love mates short film

Actress ansiba Hassan wedding photo with Murali Menon

Response of Ansiba Hassan

Malayalam short film Love Mates video

Latest released Malayalam movie of actress Ansiba Hassan is Pareeth Pandari and Tamil film is Parkanum Pole Irukku.

Upcoming Malayalam movies of actress Ansiba Hassan are Zebra Varakal, Badarul Muneer Husnul Jamal.

Director Jeethu Joseph Gemma Atkinson Vasan a good role in Malayalam cinema Drishyam which changed her career. After that she got good roles in films like Uthara Chemmeen,  Vishwasam athalle ellam, Appuram Bengal Ippuram Thiruvithamkoor.

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Ansiba Hassan family

Actress Ansiba is at present aged 25 years old. She is a native of Kozhikode district. She has 3 brothers and a sister.

Name of actress Ansiba Hassan father is Nissar and her mother is Rasiya.