Anjali Upasana leaked Malayalam actress Whatsapp fake photo case filed

Anjali Aneesh Upasana is a malayalam actress who is latest victim of Whatsapp leaked photos. Actress Anjali Upasana Leaked Photos have been making rounds in social media getting shared. Anjali Aneesh Upasana is one popular actress who has been model for lot of ad films in Kerala. Anjali Aneesh has acted in lot of Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu movies. Anjali is wife of a popular photographer Aneesh Upasana and her Facebook profile page name is Anjali Aneesh Upasana.

On Saturday, 27 March 2016, Anjali Aneesh Upasana updated her status that she has filed a complaint against person who has morphed and spread her fake photos. Incident of Anjali Upasana leaked photos is just another incident in Mollywood, and for past few months such cases are increasing causing headache to Cyber police. Anyway Anjali Upasana has filed complaint with Cyber Police and based on this one person has been arrested and more persons are under scanner. So Anjali Upasana has advised everyone through Facebook, not to share her fake photos online.

Anjali Aneesh Upasana is a malayalam actress who acted in movies like “Actually” in 2014 and her latest movies are Adi Kapyare Kootaman, Kinder Joyee. Actress Anjali has acted in more than 40 movies in supporting roles and she is a well known Mollywood actress. Anjali Upasana has recently won the award for Best Character Actress for her role in malayalam movie “Ben”. Anjali Upasana made a harsh reply like actress Jyothi Krishna in incident of leaked photos. Role which won award to Anjali Upasana was in Malayalam cinema Ben as mother of child artiste Gourav.

(Jilebi fame). Recently Anjali Aneesh Upasana acted in Malayalam movie Pulimurugan. In film Puli Murugan actress Anjali Upasana is seen in beginning scenes as mother of little Mohanalal.

She is a good actress who takes up any kind of roles whether it is guest appearance or supporting roles. It was bad that Anjali Upasana had to face some bad time, when her photos were viral.

Why such incidents are getting increased, is it because of any personal jealous or some other problem, that makes people make fake photos of Mollywood actress.

Anjali Upasana Leaked News in Whatsapp – Details

Anjali Upasana updated in Facebook that someone had created a picture of her merged with someone else body and is spreading it in Facebook, Whatsapp. Anjali Aneesh filed a police complaint regarding this matter. She said that it was necessary to catch people who are doing such mischief’s in name of celebrities in Kerala.

Anjali Upasana leaked photo news


When she got a chance to act in Pulimurugan as Mohanlal’s mother, she accepted it without any refusal. There was no combination scenes of her with Mohanlal.

Anjali Aneesh family photo

Anjali Aneesh in Pulimurgan

Tamil movie Nellu actress Anjali Hot Photos

In tamil film Nellu, actress Anjali Aneesh Upasana has acted in unbelievable glamour scenes. These are original photos of actress Anjali Aneesh from film ‘Nellu’ released in 2010. In this movie, actress Anjali did character role of Bhagyanjali which made her popular in South India.

Ben Malayalam Movie – Anjali role

Cases of Malayalam actress leaked fake pictures do not decrease , with increasing cases being reported and arrests made.

Anjali is also known by name Bhagyanjali. Other noticed movies of Anjali Anheesh are 100 Degree Celcius, Scene 1 Nammude Veedu, Seniors, Venicile Vyapaari, Pattam Pole, ABCD, White Boys. In Kollywood she acted in movie Nellu.