Thodupuzha Arrest Malayalam Actress Amala Palakkad – Happy Journey, Veeraputhran Movie Fame

On 22-10-2016 from Thodupuzha a Kerala cinema actress Amala was arrested while conducting raid on an online racket. In few Malayalam movies released recently actress Amala had acted in small roles. Amala is a native of Palakkad district in Kerala and she was taken to Thodupuzha by this racket. Actress Amala Palakkad was taken to Thodupuzha by a supplier of this racket. There is news that Amala was brought to be given to a Malayalam actor in Mollywood.

Who is this actor who arrived at Thodupuzha for shooting of a new film. Incidents like this is common in film industry where junior artistes, extra actress, dancers, supporting actress .etc. get involved in rackets. They are given dreams that they will get chances to act in malayalam films in good roles, if they get ready for some adjustments. In this case first news was that actress Amala Palakkad was involved in racket and was given commission basis per customer. Later case story changed and as per latest incident she was brought by cheating. Amala Palakkad said that she was brought against her will and as per this she got bail in this case.

Major evidence in this Thodupuzha online-racket case is a diary where all details of money received from customers, cash to be given to each women in racket, phone numbers, names .etc. were written. Along with this Rs.80,000 in cash, Bullet bike, car .etc. were taken into custody.

Arrest of serial – cinema actress Amala was from Kadalikkad in Vazhakkulam on Saturday, 22 October 2016. What is real name of Malayalam extra actress arrested from Thodupuzha. In first news that came out it was revealed that name of arrested actress is Amala from Palakkad. Later it was said that it’s Kavitha from Malappuram district who is from a poor Muslim family. She said that due to her family problems she was taken to this racket by a person named Sooraj.

There is no clarifications regarding this matter. Presently case investigation is going on saying that it’s malayalam film extra actress Amala. Through online advertisements in classifieds sites, customers were asked or taken to this place by racket.

Phone numbers of lot of women who were involved in this case was found from diary found at this house. Commission amounts given to them was also found out per customer.

Amala is not a popular actress and her photos are not available. It’s because she acted only in few supporting roles in Malayalam films. Only known movies where extra actress Amala is said to act is only Veeraputhran and Happy Journey. From news reports of arrest of Amala we can only see videos and photos of actress Amala’s face fully covered with a scarf or shawl.

Innocent Actress Amala Rose Kurian Crucified Over Amala Palakkad Case

Malayalam actress Amala Rose Kurian who has no connection to this case got crucified due to similarity of names with arrested Amala. Things like this usually happen when people fail to get information of arrested actress.

In their desperateness to get attention in their Whatsapp groups, Facebook pages or Online news portals they try to frame any actress who has similarity in names. this is what happens every now and then. Few week back when Kannada actress Sukanya got arrested, it was mistaken to be that of Malayalam actress Sukanya.

Malayaalm Television serial actress  Amala Rose Kurian who is native of Kottayam is facing problems without doing any wrong due to mistake done by someone else. She asks everyone what is mistake done by her. Is similarity of name with arrested actress such a big mistake. She posted a Facebook post regarding this and got attention of everyone. Through this she clarified her innocence.

Still people are wandering to know who is actress Amala from Palakkad who got arrested at Thodupuzha.

Amala Palakkad Case Arrest News, Photos

Around Rs.30000 and more was earned by racket every day. A person named Mohanan and his wife had took this house at Vazhakkulam on rent. Neighbors and natives of this place were suspicious of them when they saw many vehicles coming to this house during day and night. Based on the tip off regarding this to Police, a raid was conducted and this racket was arrested by team led by Vazhakulam Sub Inspector. Now Circle Inspector C Jayakumar is conducting further investigation.

This racket earlier stayed at houses in Valakam and Madavoor in Ernakulam district. Four men were arrested in this case till now. Actress Amala who was arrested in this case was left off on bail by Magistrate when she revealed that she was cheated and taken here by force.

This racket used to function by taking houses at rent. They used to stay at each house for 2 weeks or 1 month only.

  • Ajeeb, Jhith Roy of Thodupuzha Mulappuram.
  • Babu Karthikeyan of Parappuzha.
  • Mohanan of Thekkumbhagam.

Models, women from North India is brought by this racket to Kerala to be part of this racket which was flourishing.

Amala Palakkad

Thodupuzha – Muvattupuzha Arrest in Penvanibham Case

Asianet FIR News report on arrest of Amala native of Palakkad from Thodupuzha in this case.

Similar Cases

Escape of film actress Amala Palakkad from this case has amazed everyone. Earlier case involving model, actress Reshmi R Nair and her husband Rahul Pasupalan running a racket was arrested. Few weeks later they were given bail in this case.

Malayalam Serial actress Greeshma was arrested few months back , who was also let of after few weeks of investigation.

Malayalam Film Actors Connection to Muvattupuzha Arrest Case

Cinema Serial actress Amala from Kerala was arrested on charges of involvement with trafficking. Later Amala from Palakkad got bail, while many others arrested in this case are still in custody. Amala was taken into custody from Thodupuzha along with another woman. Based on their revelations both of them were brought for supplying to film industry personnel who were doing shooting at of a cinema at Thodupuzha. Now investigation is done to find Malayalam actor from Mollywood for whom Amala was brought to Thodupuzha.

Actress Amala got bail when she said that she was cheat and brought to Thodupuzha, saying that she will get chance to act in movies. Based on this statement Amala was given bail by Court and case proceeding to find people involved in racket is going on.

A film field worker named Suraj had brought Amala to Thodupuzha, who is being searched by Police to get more information. Arrest of Malayalam actress Amala and gang involved in prostitution (Penvanibham) at Thodupuzha was on Saturday, October 2016. From a diary found from this house, there were details including name and phone numbers of about 20 women who were part of this racket.