Aju Varghese trolls Malayalam actor Aju varghese trolled for twin kids

As an actor Aju Varghese has done comedy and supporting roles in Malayalam movies. Aju Varghese trolls became started after he got twin babies for second time. This was start of Malayalam trolls showering on actor Aju Varghese with an unending effect.

Even when Nivin Pauly, Duquer Salmaan had babies it was actor Aju Varghese who was trolled by everyone. Social media is filled with Aju Varghese trolls at all times. When Nivin Pauly gifted toy cars to his children it was Aju Varghese who had to face trolls.

Funny dialogue trolls were made that Aju Varghese is facing difficulties in buying 4 toy gifts to his children on seeing Nivin Pauly’s gift. Poor Aju Varghese is now facing trolls on each and every activity related to celebrity kids in Kerala.

Kerala Trollers are finding every way to create trolls related to Aju Varghese. It was even stronger than actress Anusre Puffs trolls few months back.

Kerala actor Aju Varghese wife name is Augustina and they got married in year 2014. Aju Varghese now has 4 children named Juvana, Evan, Jake and Luke.

Aju Varghese trolls

aju varghese trolls

Another time Aju Varghese had to face trolls was when he started doing promotion of movies by making Facebook poss about his friend’s latest released movies. People started making trolls saying that actor Aju Varghese has started movie promotion agency related works.

Aju Varghese started his career in Malayaalm film industry through film ‘Malarvaadi Arts Club’. He has acted in around 90 movies at present. Latest films of Aju Varghese in 2018 are B. Tech, Aravindante Athidhikal, Kuttanadan Marpappa, Mohanlal.