Aju Varghese arrested Malayalam film actor arrest and bail news

On Tuesday 29 August 2017, Malayalam actor Aju Varghese arrested in connection with mentioning name of actress who was attacked. Arrest was made at night 8 p.m in Kalamassery police station.

Arrest of actor Aju Varghese was in connection with writing a post in FB with name of Malayalam actress who was attacked at Kochi. A case was filed by a person at Kalamassery that name of actress who was attacked was mentioned by Aju Varghese in FB.

There is a law that name of women who are attacked in abuse cases should not be revealed in public through social media or newspapers. When complaint was filed against Aju Varghese, he contacted actress who was attacked and she informed that she has no complaint.

Person who had given complaint was not ready to withdraw it. So based on this situation Court issued order to arrest Aju Varghese.  This forced police to arrest actor Aju Varghese and take him into custody.

Later he was brought to police station and advocate of Aju Varghese  bail application form. Based on this actor Aju Varghese got bail. Aju Varghese arrested news had talked India Kerala. Even though a complaint was filed against him nobody thought that an arrest will be made in this regard.

Aju Varghese is a popular Malayalam actor who had acted in a lot of comedy roles, supporting roles in Mollywood movies releasing in Kerala. Malayalam actress attacked in February 2017 and actor Aju Varghese wrote supporting post in Facebook mentioning her name.

Actor Aju Varghese arrested news

Arrest of actor Aju Varghese was done on Tuesday, 29 / 8 / 2017 at 8 p.m. Later Aju Varghese was left on station bail by Circle Inspector S Jaya Krishnan.

Aju Varghese arrested

This was the main reason a case was filed by another person. Even though this was a supporting post for attacked actress, it was against law to mention name of attacked actress in social media or public. Many times Aju Varghese approached Court seeking with drawing of this complaint and also got a consent from attack practices to withdraw this case. But Court took up complaint seriously and wanted to create and awareness about this law preventing mentioning name of attacked women.

Malayalam actor Dileep who was arrested in actress attack case is still in jail. Ted application filed by the label for getting tailor from actress attacked case was rejected by hot on 29 August 2017. More than 50 days has passed since actor Dileep is remanded in jail for connection with this case.