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Kerala supporting actress, model Ajina Menon recently informed everyone about how her video leaked in internet. Usually fake videos and images of Malayalam actresses get leaked in social media. In case of model Ajina Menon it was her real video that got leaked. Actress Ajina Menon video leaked has become one of the most discussed Whatsapp gossip in Kerala recently.

Ajina Menon took a video of herself for fun in her mobile phone. She was staying with two other female friends. One of them was an actress and was accused to be a criminal by Ajina Menon. Her friends saw this video in her mobile phone and send it to their phones using Whatsapp. Later on finding out this she asked them to delete this video. They told that deleted the video, but they were cheating her.

After few months when problems started between Ajina Menon and her friends this video got leaked. Ajina Menon accuses that her friends had cheated her and they had deliberately shared this video with others. Recently Ajina Mneon video is getting viral in social media and almost all people had seen it. This shows dangers of Internet and warns everyone not to take any private videos in mobile phones.

There are chances that this may get leaked when your friends send it to other mobile phones. Also these deleted videos can be recovered using recovery software which is popular everywhere. There are also many complaints that repair shop staff are getting access to deleted videos. If you ever give your phone for repair it should be completely erased or formatted to prevent any such incidents.

Actress, model Ajina Menon was crying and full with tears when she came in Facebook Live to reveal everyone about this incident. She said that she is finding it very difficult to live and face others. A video that she took just for fun from her bedroom is now seen by everyone. She pleaded that she did not take this video for sending to anyone. She took it just for fun and did not have anything bad in mind.

Ajina menon video leaked

Facebook Live about Ajina Menon video leaked news

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Ajina Menon informed everyone through Facebook Live that if anything happens to her life the responsible persons will her female friends who stayed with her. Her friends were also working in cinema field and one of them is native of Thrissur while other one is from Kozhikode.

Actress Ajina Menon said that one of these friends is involved in a Kozhikode Hotel attack case for delay in getting biriyani.