Airtel 4G Plans – How to Get Airtel 4G SIM, Free 4G Upgrade

Airtel 4G is now the most heard thing when one talks about new mobile connection. So the question How to Get Airtel 4G SIM and Network Connection is very important at this time. Airtel 4G technology was the most important turning point in Mobile network advancement in India.

Airtel 4G Plans such as Infinity plans are the most popular ones. Airtel Fourth generation provides High speed Internet data transfer speeds, which makes it the most chosen by people who love everything to be of ultra speed. For those who love to get everything downloaded at the touch in split seconds, 4G is for them. How to activate Airtel 4G, is your smart phone eligible to use 4G connections. Doubts like this can be cleared through this tutorial on Airtel 4G. Airtel 4G (Long Term Evolution) can be accessed only through a special SIM called USIM (Universal Subscriber Identity Module) and it is a Nano SIM. This article discusses about How to Get Airtel 4G SIM connection in a 4G enabled smart phone and what are the best Airtel 4G Plans. To be the number one mobile network in India, Bharati Airtel is doing everything they can by bringing new offers.

In the era where Cash Back offers are the King, Airtel has also brought a new plan for Mobile data users. Airtel Night Data Cashback is the latest one which is gaining popularity. So what is the use of Airtel Data Cashback offer. Lot of people are getting interested to know more details regarding the timings and how will the data will be credited as cash back. Airtel Night Data Cashback Offers 2G, 3G, 4G Mobile Data is an exciting offer. Fifty Percentage Cashback of Airtel data used in the night from time 12.00am to 6.00am is credited back in the morning with an SMS.

Airtel 4G as well as the 2G and 3G subscribers also get this opportunity. This is the happy news for all Night browsers and surfers through Mobile phones in the Internet, because they get back half of the data consumed by them at night.

This move by Airtel is to decrease the number of people who use their network in Peak hours and increase the users in Off hours. This will help Airtel to manage Bandwidth without difficulties and decrease the crowd in their servers during peak time.

Anyway the Airtel Night Data Cashback offers have got good feedback and response from subscribers allover India.

Airtel Night Data Cashback Plans

Airtel data cashback offer is available for all mobile phone subscribers of Airtel who have data plans under 2G, 3G, 4G networks.

Timing of Airtel Night Cash back is from midnight 12 am to 6 am (12.00 – 6.00)

How to Activate Airtel Night Data Cashback Offer

Activation of Night Cash Back for Airtel subscribers can be done by sending an SMS from your Airtel mobile number.

SMS Format

Type < NIGHT > Send to < 121 >

Other Ways

If you have installed My Airtel app, you can activate it from there.


Give Missed call to 55555

15 GB 4G Data Plan for Rs 3249

Airtel 2G, 3G, 4G subscribers can make use of this opportunity and it will be valid for 28 days. After this period you should activate again, if required.

Airtel Night Cashback offer is for Prepaid and Postpaid users.

The Airtel Data Cashback received can be used during the Daytime

Official website

How to Upgrade your old 2G, 3G SIM to Airtel 4G SIM

Regarding upgrading and activating Airtel 4G has been made very simple. Airtel 4G Free SIM is the best offer where you can get a Nano sized USIM Free of cost if you are an existing Airtel subscriber. You can submit the request online through the official website of Airtel and get the Airtel 4G SIM delivered to you or you can visit the Airtel office nearby to avail the service.

Before that make sure your mobile number and mobile phone device are compatible for this service, because you should have a 4G Mobile for accessing the network.

Airtel has the solution for it also. Just Check your 4G Device status online as follows,!plans-and-devices/mobile/4g-status

So the Airtel 4G Upgrade is simple than thought if you have a 4G enabled smart phone.

All details regarding Airtel 4G Activation, Plans are available at official website of Airtel at

How to Activate 4G SIM

After getting the SIM delivered the next thing to know is regarding activation. There are no application forms or photos required if you are an existing 2G or 3G user.

  • Just go to Option Type Message
  • Type the 20 digit SIM number
  • Send it to 121
  • Confirm SIM number change
  • Select 1 to confirm
  • 4G SIM card will get activated within 1 hour
  • After this you will have to do Airtel 4G Recharge through the exciting Infinity Plans in Airtel 4G

Now enjoy high speed data transfers and surfing with Airtel 4G connection.

Prepaid, Postpaid Airtel 4G Plans

The Infinity Plans introduced by Airtel for getting 4G Data on Prepaid and Postpaid connections is the most important one. Along with Airtel 4G Infinity Plans there are special free offers of Free Wynk Music and Wynk Movies. Another offer is special call rates for local and STD calls.

Let us get to know about the The Infinity plans for Airtel 4G which are as follows,

  • 3 GB 4G Data Plan for Rs 999
  • 4G Data Plan for Rs 1499
  • 5 GB 4G Data Plan for Rs 1749
  • 4G Data Plan for Rs 1999
  • 7 GB 4G Data Plan for Rs 2249
  • 4G Data Plan for Rs 2999
  • 15 GB 4G Data Plan for Rs 3249

How to Know Airtel 4G LTE Usage

The Airtel 4G Data usage can be easily known the Smart Bytes service. This is also used to know the Airtel broadband usage in computers and Airtel WiFi too. You have to browse to the Airtel Smart Bytes page to know the 4G Usage at the moment and remaining data.

Visit Smart Bytes –

Airtel 4G Subscribers get Free Wynk Music, Wynk Movies

Airtel 4G users will be also getting Free Wynk Music and Wynk Movies along with various plans. The Wynk Music app can be download can be done from Google’s Play Store and Apple’s iTunes Store for the Android and iOS devices.

List of Airtel 4G Coverage Area States in India

States – Maharashtra, Kerala, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Himachal, West Bengal.

Airtel 4G Plans Application Online

Airtel is always introducing new plans and offers to make subscribers stick to them. The Airtel Data Sharing Plan is one of the best plans brought in by Bharati Airtel network. Usually the main complaint of people was that they could not carry forward the unused data of a month to next month after the number of days expire like the BSNL plans.

So Airtel’s 3G and 3G customers have a happy news. They can join the Airtel Data Sharing Plan and share the data with your friends or home. but the data sharing is not applicable to Airtel 2G users. It’s time for them to change to Airtel 4G connection to use the data sharing.

So the details regarding activation of data share plan of Airtel and setting it up is explained in detailed in this article. An activation SMS has to be send to activate the data sharing. This offer is available for all prepaid and postpaid connections of Airtel.

Airtel Data Sharing Plan – Family Data Share

Let us get to know more details regarding this new offer from Airtel and whether there are any special charges for doing it or not.

You can add up to 4 Airtel mobile numbers in this Plan.

Airtel Data Sharing Plan – Family Data Share

How to Activate Data Sharing in Airtel

Airtel 3G, 4G customers can avail this service, it is not valid for Airtel 2G. And the data share can be done only between Airtel customers.

SMS Activation format for Airtel Data Sharing

Type SMS <DATA SHARE ADD Mobile Number> and Send to 121

Example – DATA SHARE ADD 9000000009

This activation can also be done from your Airtel account in website or from My Airtel app.

Official website –

Make sure you, family and friends whom you add have a 4G mobile phone or at least a 3G one too. In Airtel postpaid also there is a similar plan. With the Airtel Data sharing you can make sure that your data does not get unused or expire and your family can save money with a single data recharge for the entire family. The Airtel Night data sharing plan is also a new offer brought in by them which can be activated by 2G, 3G, 4G subscribers.

Airtel 4G Home Wifi Plans Airtel Home 4G Wi-Fi Review, Price

Wi Fi devices are now getting common in India. The latest among them are Wifi hotspots and Dongles. We are here discussing about the Airtel 4G Home Wifi Plans and the prices for devices.

Wifi devices can be used for getting internet data connection on mobiles, tablets and computers. Airtel 4G Wifi can be easily connected to a system like phone or laptop by plugging it into the USB port using a USB cable.

There are lot of plans in Airtel 4G Home Wifi and the main feature of it is that it can support around 32 devices. Price range of Airtel 4G Home Wifi device is just Rs. 2500.

The most commonly used one by Airtel is Huawei B593. There are lot of Airtel Postpaid Wifi plans in 4G for Home use and they are as follows.

Airtel 4G Home Wifi Plans (Postpaid)

  • 3 GB 4G Home Wifi is Rs. 595
  • 10 GB 4G Home Wifi is Rs. 995
  • 15 GB 4G Home Wifi is Rs. 1295
  • 30GB 4G Home Wifi is Rs. 1995
  • 50GB 4G Home Wifi is Rs. 2995

Airtel 4G Dongle Prices 4G Airtel USB WiFi Dongle Plans

Airtel 4G has motivated Airtel company to introduce newer types of devices and services to attract subscribers. They believe that providing latest technologies of data sharing helps in increasing internet users to their service. Airtel 4G Dongle has offers and plans for both Prepaid and Postpaid users.

The latest offer announced for Airtel 4G Dongle users is that 200 percentage data will be available (Double data benefit) when a data recharge place is done for their WiFi-Dongle. Airtel Dongle was launched in India with the motive to provide High Speed Internet for multiple devices that are connected to it’s network. the most attractive feature of Airtel Dongle is that now devices can upload big files in seconds. Airtel Dongle is becoming popular in India as new customers come to buy and subscribe for it’s interesting internet data plans. 4G Dongle is being introduced by other companies also.

But there are many negative reviews also for this product. It is up to the customer to select it or not because for all newly coming devices there will be positive as well as negative reviews.

Airtel 4G Dongle Plans

Along with Airtel 4G Plans people are now asking about Dongle too. Price of Airtel 4G Dongle is Rs. 1500. Devices like Airtel Dongle helps in increasing data connectivity on Laptop, 4G Mobiles, Smart Tv’s .etc. with USB ports. The main feature of Airtel 4G Dongle is that it can be used as a Micro SD card like the old pendrive and store data in the dongle. The prepaid and postpaid plans from Airtel 4G Dongle are explained as follows.

Airtel 4G Dongle prices, plans, activate dongle airtel Airtel 4G Dongle Prices

Prepaid Plans of Airtel 4G Dongle

The Wi-Fi router or Dongle from Airtel 4G has following plans and schemes.

  • 1 GB Prepaid Plan Rs. 255
  • 2 GB Prepaid Plan Rs. 455
  • 3 GB Prepaid Plan Rs. 655
  • 4 GB Prepaid Plan Rs. 755
  • 10 GB Prepaid Plan Rs. 995

Postpaid Plans of Airtel Dongle

  • 3 GB Postpaid Plan Rs. 595
  • 10 GB Postpaid Plan Rs. 995
  • 15 GB Postpaid Plan Rs. 1295
  • 30 GB Postpaid Plan Rs. 1995
  • 50 GB Postpaid Plan Rs. 2995