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Airtel was the first one to bring 4G Network connections to India. Not only this, the advertisement strategy used by Airtel was also impressive. Airtel gave the project of making a good television ad for Airtel 4G to the agency called Taproot Dentsu. What is Airtel 4G Girl Name ? This was asked by millions of people in India.

With the release of new Airtel ad all eyes were on the look out to know about the models who acted in it. We are talking about the Airtel 4G Girl who is the star with a tv ad. How much fun it would have been if you can find Wifi zones around you or create one. It is no more a dream because Airtel has launched the Airtel Hangout App. This is the newest in technology to trace and connect to Wi-Fi zones around you allover in India. So where can we download and install the Airtel Hangout. The Airtel Hangout App  is available for download from Android Playstore or iOS Apple store.

This guide explains on how to download the Airtel Hangout online and install it in your mobile or smart phone device. With this you can now get broadband internet data high speeds even if you are not at home. In this case there are two models from India who have acted in the latest Airtel’s 4G advertisement and the Airtel 4G Girl names are as follows. They are Sasha Chettri and Bhawna Tiwary. Let us get to know both of them in detail. Sasha Chettri  is the Short haired Airtel 4G girl and the model who acts as her competitor who uses other mobile network in this advt is Bhawna Tiwary, the curly long hair girl. Airtel 4G Challenge Ad which was popular allover India was made by Director Ram Madhvani.

In all promotions like Data Sharing Plan, Night Data Cash Back and Free Wynk Music we can see the model Sasha Chettri. Sasha Chettri is popularly known as the Airtel 4G Girl through the fame she got through the single ad she has acted.

Sasha Chettri is aged 19 years old from Bhopal. She was a student of All Saints’ Academy in Bhopal when the casting call was received. Dehradun is the home town of Sasha Chettri.

Airtel 4G Girl Name

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Airtel 4G Challenge Advertisement Video

Airtel 4G Ad Second Girl Name, Photo – Airtel Curly Girl in 4G Ad

Another model who became popular with the advertisement, like Sasha Chettri is the second actress (Co-actress) named Bhawna Tiwary. Bhavana Tiwary is aged 21 and was a student of BA History in Delhi University.  Many people like second actress much in the Airtel 4G Challenge ad and it was the long curly haired girl Bhawna Tiwary. Lot of fans are building up for Bhavana Tiwary who is also famous.

Airtel Girl Name, Photo

Now let us all talk about the actress / model who is known as the Airtel girl. Don’t get confused Bhawna Tiwary and Sasha Chettri were Airtel’s 4G Ad models. Now we are talking about the ” Airtel girl “and it is none other than South Indian actress Rakul Preet Singh.

Airtel Hangout App Download Create Airtel Wi-Fi Zones

Airtel Hangout is like the Vodafone company’s Offload Wi-Fi data offer. So what exactly is the benefit for Mobile phone companies through services like Airtel Hangout and Offload Wi-Fi data. The Wi-Fi offloading is a service for reducing the burden of data on mobile networks and freeing bandwidths by creating Wi Fi zones for subscribers. Now wherever you are listen to songs or watch movies free through the  Airtel Wynk Music service.

WiFi Plans

  • Rs. 20 WiFi 20 Pack with WiFi duration of 30 minutes
  • Rs. 30 WiFi 30 Pack with WiFi duration of 60 minutes
  • Rs. 50 WiFi 50 Pack with WiFi duration of 120 minutes

Airtel’s WiFi Hangout Zones in India

Arrival of Airtel 4G has made the services of Airtel improve. Presently the Wifi Hangout zones of Airtel is in Beta stage and is being introduced to many locations. The present list of available locations for Airtel WiFi Hangouts in India are as follows,

  • Delhi NCR
  • Mumbai
  • Bangalore
  • Mangalore

Download Airtel Hangout App – Android or iOs

Download Airtel Hangout App from Google Playstore

Download Airtel Hangout from iTunes Apple store

How to Create or Activate Airtel WiFi Zone

Creating and activating Airtel WiFi Zones are comparatively very easy. Just follow the below steps,

  • Activate Hangout Zone Recharge Voucher
  • Login
  • Start browsing

Airtel Customer support number for Hangout app doubts is  –  18001022244