Adoor Prakash Son Ajay Krishna Biju Ramesh Daughter Megha Wedding, Engagement

Adoor Prakash son marriage date, wedding reception event with Biju Ramesh daughter Megha was held on 4th December 2016. Biju Ramesh daughter marriage reception was held at Rajdhani Gardens opposite KIMS Hospital in Venpalavattom near Anayara in Trivandrum. A huge set has been made for this function in form of Mysore palace and Akshardam temple of New Delhi. Around 20,000 guest attended this wedding on Sunday. There was many programs arranged for entertaining guests from evening. There was many controversial remarks regarding how Biju Ramesh got cash to conduct daughter’s wedding at cash crisis time due to demonetisation. Biju Ramesh said that all expenses done by him can be checked by authorities and he had done everything legally.

Many politicians like Vayalar Ravi attended this function, but many UDF leaders did not attend it fearing controversies. Tamil Nadu politicians Paneer Selvam and many other ministers attended function at Thiruvananthapuram as Biju Ramesh was AIADMK Trivandrum leader. Engagement function event was held at Al Saj Convention Center in Kazhakuttom, Trivandrum. Presently engagement function is held as on 23-6-16. During engagement of Adoor Prakash’s son Ajay Krishna and Biju Ramesh’s daughter Megha lot of politicians, celebrities, businessmen .etc. came. The name Biju Ramesh was heard in news channels for past few months.

His daughter’s wedding with former Minister Adoor Prakash’s son is watched by media, Keralite’s with great interest. Photo gallery of Ajaykrishnan Prakash – Megha B Ramesh engagement function. It took place on 23 June 2016 (23/6/16) at Thiruvananthapuram. Adoor Prakash son marriage date is 4-12-2016 at Venpalavattom Sree Bhagavathy temple and exclusive wedding reception function was held at Rajdhani gardens opposite KIMS in Thiruvananthapuram. Adoor Prakash was former minister of Kerala in UDF ministry of Oommen Chandy.

Megha is the second daughter of Biju Ramesh. Ajaykrishna is working as a Chartered Accountant.

According to Biju Ramesh, marriage proposal for his daughter came from Adoor Prakash’s house.

Adoor Prakash Son marriage photos

Adoor Prakash Son Marriage

Biju Ramesh Daughter Wedding at Venpalavattom Temple, Trivandrum

Biju Ramesh daughter wedding video teaser

Engagement Photos

On Thursday 23 June 2016 the engagement ceremony of Adoor Prakash’s Son Ajay Krishna with Biju Ramesh Daughter Megha was held. Photos of the engagement ceremony of Ajaykrishna and Megha is updated.

Biju Ramesh was recently involved in the accusation that previous UDF Finance Minister KM Mani was involved in the bar bribery case. This had led to lot of political problems, resignation of KM Mani.

Lot of celebrities like actors, actress, politicians .etc. attended wedding ceremony of Biju Ramesh’s daughter Megha with Adoor Prakash’s son Ajaykrishna.