Actress Srividya Mullappally Ramachandran – What Secret Revelations

Kerala politics is going through a new episode with the name of Malayalam actress Srividya. Rajmohan Unnithan started it by saying that some secrets have been revealed by Sreevidya to old central government minister Mullappally Ramachandran before she passed. Actress Srividya Mullappally Ramachandran revelations have been known to all people.

He also mentioned that Mullappally would reveal it if time arises, because Sreeevidya had told this because she thought that it would be necessary in case she was ever cheated. Now the question is regarding what is it related to.  Anyway Actress Srividya Mullappally Ramachandran will be the two names that we will hear through media in coming days. Kerala Film Development Chjairman Rajmohan Unnithan had started the fire by saying that theer are many key secrets that actress Sreevidya had told to Mullappally Ramachandran, just before she had passed away in hospital.

Unnithan said that all the things said by Sreevidya was very painful and recent situations are very bad which will surely affect her soul. He also mentioned that all truth should come out and they will be forced to reveal everything if the case is not going on in correct directions. Sreevidya has acted in lot of tamil, malayalam movies in various roles. The life of Sri Vidya ended in the form of cancer when she was aged 53 years in the year 2006. Was Srividya married or single. As most people don’t know there was a love affair between Sreevidya and Kamal Hassan , but later they split off due to some misunderstandings. After that Sreevidya got married in 1976 to George Thomas who was Asst Director, with whoom she fell in love during the movie Theekkanal.

What is This All About – Sreevidya’s brother K Shankarraman has filed a case for which Crime branch investigation is going on.

For past few days there was allegations that malayalam actor and former minister Ganesh Kumar had took away the wealth and properties of Srividya.

Actress Srividya Mullappally Ramachandran

K Shankar Raman’s main accusations were as follows.

  • Income Tax returns filed y Sreevidya when she lived should be investigated.
  • Many details brought by Ganeh Kumar regarding the properties of Sree Vidya mentioned in the Will by Sreevidya is incomplete.
  • Sreevidya’s Chennai Flat and Flat in Thiruvananthapuram is given for rent.
  • Her gold ornaments and personal Car is missing.

Sreevidya Filmography

Sree Vidya started acting through the tamil movie hiruvarutchelvar and she was recognized through malayalam cinema Kumara Sambhavam. Sreevidya also has the credit that she acted as the first heroine of Style Mannan Rajinikanth through the movie Apoorva Raagangal.

To know all the details regarding the truth of Sreevidya case will be known as more investigation into the matter is made.

First movie of Sree Vidya as heroine in malayalam was through Chattambikkavala released in 1969 and later through films like Chenda, Edavazhiyile Poocha Mindapoocha, Jeevitham Oru Gaanam, Irakal, Avicharithum. The film career of Sreevidya was about 226 movies in Malayalam , 53 movies in tamil , 5 films in Bollywood, 4 films in Kannada and 20 movies in Telugu.