Malayalam actress Kalpana Family photos, Last film “Charlie” stills

It has been 1 year since malayalam actress Kalpana left all of us. Let us pray for this great artiste of Mollywood who did comedy, character roles with great perfection. On 25-1-2018 it’s second anniversary of Kerala actress Kalpana. Malayalam Actress Kalpana spend her whole life making others happy. Kalpana did her sparkling performances through the comedy roles in Mollywood movies. Lot of people want to see actress Kalpana family photos, but considering her family she was full of unhappiness.

Kalpana had won 60th National Film Award for Best Supporting Actress for malayalam movie “Thanichalla Njan”. Telugu movie Oopiri starring actors Akkineni Nagarjuna, Karthi with heroine Tamannaah was the last South Indian movie of Kalpana. The incident happened during the shooting of movie Oopiri. There was just 4 shots of this cinema remaining when Kalpana left all of a sudden. Kalpana had 2 sisters Urvashi and Kalaranjini who were actresses and they also had a brother who was lost years before. The family life of Kalpana was not at all happy and she had got divorce from her husband Anil Kumar who is a Director and the divorce happened few years before. Malayalam film director Anil Kumar and Kalpana marriage was in 1998 and after 14 years they divorced in 2012.

Actress Kalpana’s daughter name is Kumar Sreemayi who is presently in Plus 1 and she is staying with her mother after her parents got divorced.  The reason for Kalpana’s divorce is not fully revealed. Despite the family problems , Kalpana tried very hard to make sure that everyone around was happy. Almost all her roles were of comedy related characters. Kalpana’s combination roles with Jagathy Sreekumar and Kochin Haneefa was popular. With loss of Cochin Haneefa and the accident of Jagathy Sreekumar, we all missed their acting with Kalpana. Now even if Jagathy Sreekumar comes back to acing we cannot see once more the performance with Kalpana. Kalpana left all of us on Monday, 25-1-2016 at the age of 51 years.

Actress Kalpana parents photos are looked by many of her fans. Kalpana father name is Chavara VP Nair and her mother is Vijayalakshmi. These parents have given birth to 3 actresses Urvashi, Kala Ranjini, Kalpana who have made great contributions to Malayalam cinema for ever.

Kalpana role in Charlie Malayalam movie is that of Mary. It was a very short role, but it leaves behind a great feel in the mind of audience.

Kalpana has written a book named “Njan Kalpana” with all her memories in it.

There are only a few of actress Kalpana family photos and we have taken all effort to add every possible picture of Kalpana with her family members.

Malayalam actress Kalpana family photos

Actress Kalpana family photos
Ithum oru jeevitham movie Kalpana with Father V.P Nair and actor Saikumar

Kalpana’s sister Urvashi reactions 26-1-2016

Actress Kalpana Body Photos when Taken to Kerala

Credit – Nana Film Weekly  – Kalpana Photo with Daughter Sreemayi and Mother

Actress Sisters Trilogy – Kalpana, Urvashi, Kalaranjini (South Indian Actress Kalpana Family Photos)

Charlie Movie Actress Kalpana Photos

Last movie of Kalpana with Dulquer Salmaan – Chithirathira Song in Charlie Malayalam movie

Kalpana Talks about divorce from husband

Actress Kalpana – Director Anil Babu Divorce 2012 News

Photo of Body of Kalpana (5-6-1965 to 25-1-2016)

Dulquer Salmaan Response on Hearing About Kalpana News

It was with malayalam actor Dulquer Salmaan, actress Kalpana had acted for the last time and this was the last released movie.

Dulquer Salmaan posted in Facebook as follows,

“Devastated to hear about Kalpana chechi. I have known her since I was a toddler and she would always tell me stories about my childhood. At a loss for words.When we shot the boat scene where Charlie kisses Mary, I remember her being so happy. She kept saying I would never give her kisses as a child.

ചെറുപ്പത്തിൽ ചോദിച്ചപ്പോൾ ഞാൻ തന്നില്ല എന്ന് പറഞ്ഞ ഉമ്മക്ക്‌ പകരം എന്റെ ഒരായിരം ഉമ്മ”

Lot of celebrities in Mollywood shared their good experiences with Kalpana and everyone missed her a lot and they find it hard to believe that she won’t come back.

Njan Kalpana Book Written by Kalpana

Jagathy Sreekumar Response on Knowing About Kalpana
Jagathy and Kalpana were the Jody’s who shared screen space together making hits in malayalam cinema. Jagathy’s family had informed about the loss of Kalpana and he was in a situation he could not bear it and he could not even give out a word.

Actress Kalpana Oopiri Last Telugu movie Photos

Last and Final Interview of Actress Kalpana

Kerala actress Kalpana had given her last interview to a malayalam magazine Mahilarathnam and Kanyaka. In it she had mentioned that she is fearful to leave her daughter Sreemayi and go away, because there is no one to look after her,  if she goes away. But she consoles herself saying that Amma has look after everyone and always Amma will be there to take care of her daughter, even in her absence.

Actress Kalpana Biography Malayalam Movies Filmography

Malayalam Actress Kalpana was one of the best actresses in supporting roles in Malayalam film industry. She was one of the best actresses who made every challenging role more better, especially the comedy filled roles that are remembered forever through her performances. Actress Kalpana Biography and Filmography is important and referred by all audience who love and admired Kalpana Ranjini as a great South Indian celebrity.

25-1-2018 actress kalpana 2 year anniversary

Kalpana is a well known celerity who came as an actress, later became judge of comedy realty shows, became anchor or tamil, malayalam tv programs and when the unexpected fate came after her everyone was shocked due to the loss of such a humorous actress in Mollywood.

Let us go through the detailed Filmography and Biography of actress Kalpana who left everyone at the age of 50 years on 25 January 2016. Charlie was the last movie of actress Kalpana in Malayalam.

Actress Kalpana Movies – Filmography


Malayalam Actress Kalpana Biography, Family

Full details on Kalpana Family including husband, daughter, sisters, brothers, parents.

Actress Kalpana Parents

  • Father – Chavara VP Nair
  • Mother – Vijayalakshmi

Actress Kalpana Sisters who are Actresses

  • Kalaranjini
  • Urvashi

Actress Kalpana Brothers (Not alive)

  • Kamal Roy
  • Prince

Actress Kalpana Husband

  • Anil Kumar (Married in 1998 and Divorced in 2012)

Actress Kalpana Daughter

  • Sreemayi Kumar (Kumar Sreemayi) / (Sreemayee)