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Divorces are common among malayalam actresses and when it happens to all three actresses from a single family, it is a bit shocking. This is what happened to 3 sisters in Mollywood Kalaranjini, Urvashi and Kalpana who got divorced. In this article we are discussing about what led to Malayalam actress Kalpana divorce and the reasons behind it.

Kalpana is one of the best comedy actresses that Malayalam Cinema has ever witnessed. Even the best comedy actor Jagathy Sreekumar had said that it is only Kalpana who could compete with him in performing comedy scenes. That is the great dedication actress Kalpana did towards her characters in malayalam movies. Kalpana always tried to make other people laugh with her acting , but she was not successful in her family life. the laughter she shared with her audience was not reflecting in her personal life. On Monday, 25 January 2016, the news came out that malayalam actress Kalpana is no more. Still people are eager to know what is happening in the life of actress Kalpana.

Actress Kalpana and Director Anil Babu (Anil Kumar) had worked together in several movies. But they had never been in a love affair and their marriage was an arranged one. The marriage of Kalpana was in the year 1977 and after several years they started living separately due to family problems. This led to Malayalam actress Kalpana divorce in the year 2012. There was many assumptions regarding the reasons that led to the divorce of Kalpana. There was news reports that Kalpana’s husband Anilkumar had secret relations with a woman at Bangalore that led to problems in their family life. But Anil said that all these are just rubbish gossips and did not reveal anything more. In an interview he said that he fears Kalpana very much.

It was after a long 14 years or so, the problems in their family life started, which led to their divorce. it was Kalpana’s husband Anil Kumar who had filed the divorce petition in the Family court at first and based on this they were granted a divorce in the year 2012. After divorce actress Kalpana’s daughter Sreemayi Kumar was allowed to live with her.

In another interview Kalpana said that she is not saying anything that her married life is unsatisfied, because she had lived lot of years happily with her family.

Malayalam actress Kalpana divorce

Malayalam actress Kalpana divorce

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Actress Kalpana News Malayalam Actress 25-1-2016

Another unexpected news coming out on Monday, 25 January 2016 morning, that malayalam actress Kalpana was taken to the Hyderabad Apollo hospital and at there she was lost forever. This incident happened while Kalpana was at Hyderabad for the shooting of a telugu cinema. Kerala celebrity Kalpana has acted more movies in Mollywood, while she acted in tamil, telugu, kannada movies also.

Hearing this news about Kerala actress Kalpana everyone is shocked in disbelief. The reason for this sudden incident of Kalpana is Heart-Attack. The Hospital sources said that that she was taken to hospital in an emergency situation when she was found unconscious at hotel room and she could not be saved, before she was taken to the hospital.

Last Malayalam movie of actress Kalpana is Charlie with Dulquer Salmaan. In this film also her character is shown as ending life. And similarly this happened ending her film career and everything. Kalpana was one of the best comedy actress and her characters with combination roles of Jagathy Sreekumar was the best.

Kalpana is a malayalam actress who has acted in more than 300 South Indian movies. Recently she had divorced in 2015 from her husband Anil Kumar who was a Director.

Kalpana has a daughter and the news of Malayalam Actress Kalpana on 25-1-2016 is thought by many people as a fake news. But news sources say that it is a true incident.

From actress Kalpana family there are many contributions to Mollywood including actresses like Urvashi and Kalaranjini.

Kalpana Filmography Career

In the movie Vidarunna Mottukal, actress Kalpana acted as a child artiste in 1977. Later she acted in Pathirasooryan in 1981 in a small supporting role. She acted in many more films, but she started getting recognised as an actress from movies like Panchavadi Palam in 1984.

Kalpana Attukal Pongala

Kalpana is one of the actresses who is seen at Attukal Pongala in all years. But in February 2016 she will not be there to offer her Pongala Prasadam to Attukal Bhagavathy as usual. This is one of the best memories all malayali people have about her, because she comes to Attukal in all years.

Actress Kalpana Latest News Updates

Till early morning on 25th January 2016, there was shooting at the location and after that itself she was very tired. The reason is still being investigated to find out whether there was any other health problems which had caused it.

The body of actress Kalpana will be brought to Kerala by night on 25-1-16 and the final ceremony will be held on 26 January at Kerala in her home town.

Actress Kalpana was aged 51 years. Kalpana is the sister of actresses Urvashi and Kalaranjini.

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