Malayalam Actress Jyothi Krishna Leaked Photos Response in Facebook Post

Malayalam Actress Jyothi Krishna fake photos are now viral in Whatsapp. Photos of her with a film director is also getting shared in social media and her pictures were tagged in FB from a fake account with her husband, relatives. Some one had made a morphed photo of actress Jyothi Krishna in one of her selfies. This photo has been viral in social media sites like Whatsapp, FB for past few days. This made actress Jyothi Krishna come up with a bold explanation to it.

She said that she was greatly disappointed on seeing her selfie being misused and her face cut down and used with the body of some other woman. News of Malayalam actress leaked incidents in Kerala is becoming viral. Recently Mega Star Mammootty’s “Best Actor” movie fame heroine Shruthy Ramakrishna’s photos were leaked.

Jyothi Krishna said that earlier viral one was fake was made up by some person who was not born in a good family. He or she had made this fake photo using their mother or sisters body and is sending to everyone through Whatsapp. This was one of the boldest replies made by malayalam actress who was fed up with persons making fake pictures of actresses.  Actress Jyothi Krishna is from Thrissur district in Kerala and is one of the beautiful actresses in Malayalam film industry. Jyothi Krishna is now one of the popular actresses in Mollywood after her role Life of Josutty in the role of Rose.

Other Malayalam movies in which Jyothi Krishna acted are God for Sale, Ithu Pathiramanal, Bombay March 12, Last Bench, Lisammayude Veedu, Dolls, Njaan. Jyothi Krishna is a bold actress who gives bold replies to gossips against her. This was what she did when some one spread fake photos of her in social media.

Jyothi Krishna fake photos news & response

Jyothi Krishna Fake Photos news

Official Facebook profile page of actress Jyothi Krishna is not working at present as it sees to be deactivated at present due to recent issues. This second leaked incident in life of Jyothi Krishna started in November 2017 few months after her marriage. It looks like someone is trying to destroy her family life by doing like this. Jyothi Krishna reveals that her FB id is blocked by someone and a fake id is created in her name and her fake pictures are shared in it by tagging her relatives, husband .etc.

There was also a gossip and photos of actress Jyothi Krishna with M Padmakumar Director of malayalam movie Ithu Pathiramanal which was shared by someone.

FB Live video from Jyothi Krishna revealing about her recent leaked pictures is as follows.

One and half year back a fake picture of actress Jyothi Krishna had been viral in Whatsapp, Facebook and during this time she filed a complaint against it. This incident of Jyothikrishna fake photos spreading in Whatsapp happened after her film Life of Josutty was released.

In another incident she had earlier filed complaint against a person Shaji Kavanad who is a film production executive who had tried to abuse her at a shooting location. Strict actions against Shaji Kavanad were taken by Association.

Jyothi Krishna Profile

Latest film of actress Jyothi Krishna in 2016 is Moonam Nal Njayarazhcha in which she is doing role of Kathreena.  is first Malayaalm debutting film of Jyothi Krishna. Later she did films like God for Sale, Lisammayude Veedu,      Life of Josutty, Njaan.