South Actress Jayasree Found in House at Chennai, What Happened to Junior Artiste Jayashree

Jayasree passed news came out on Sunday, 5th December 2016. Neighbors of this actress complained to Police regarding a bad smell coming out from her house. On investigation it was found that actress Jayasree passed few days back.

Tamil movie actress Jayasree was found from her house in Chennai in a physically abused way. There was no clothes in her body, showing evidence that she was attacked by some one.

Actress Jayasree passed news came out but no one has idea regarding movies in which she acted. Jayasree worked as junior artiste or supporting extra actress in movies. So there are only few photos of actress Jayashree Shaligram. Actress Jayashree is a native of Saligram in Chennai.

Police investigation is continuing and suspect is some one who was in close contact with her house.

Actress Jayasree passed news

Jayasree is aged 49 years and is living unmarried. Few days back her brother went back abroad and he told Police that Jayasree was not picking up phone calls for last few days.

Actress Jayasree passed

Possibility of robbery at Jayasree’s house is also being investigated as she was staying all alone. Jayashree Shaligram worked as a junior artiste in movies.


Tamil movies in which actress Jayasree acted is not known. Few weeks back another tamil, malayalam actress Sabarna Anand also passd in similar way.

Sabarna Anand was also abused by someone and in this case also she was living all alone at home.