Kerala Actress Bhavana – Naveen Engagement Photos, Wedding News

Bhavana wedding date with Naveen will be on 22-1-2018. Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada actress Bhavana got married to Kannada Film producer Naveen was latest news that broke out. Actually it was actress Bhavana’s engagement function that was held on 9-3-2017 with Naveen. Wedding date of actress Bhavana will be in March 2017 itself by end of the this year. On Thursday, 9th March 2017 actress Bhavana got engaged to Naveen in a private event. This engagement was done as a private ceremony with only few guests. Malayalam actress Manju Warrier attended this function of Bhavana engagement on 9-3-2017. Actress Bhavana marriage photos will be soon available after wedding.

Now engagement photos of actress Bhavana – Naveen are coming out. Now a photograph of Bhavana – Naveen with actress Manju Warrier is becoming viral. Mollywood actress Bhavana got engaged to Sandalwood Director Naveen who was her lover for past few years. There were many gossips that both of them in love affair and will be getting married for past few months.

Kerala actress Bhavana had been victim of attack by Pulsar Suni. This had become controversial for past few days. Arrest of Pular Suni was made in this case and investigation going on. Bhavana marriage photos is a great exciting this all over South film fans. Malayalam actress Bhavana marriage news with Kannada Director Naveen came out on 9-3-2017.  Few days back actress Bhavana was attacked by a gang in Ernakulam and abused. After this she was completely disappointed and in this stage her lover Naveen decided to marry Bhavana itself.

Pulsar Suni who attacked Bhavana was arrested and this case investigation is going on when Bhavana’s engagement, wedding news broke out. Actress Bhavana marriage photos will be more added soon when it’s officially released.

Latest Photo of actress Bhavana engagement function with Kannada director Naveen on 9th March 2017.

Wedding venue of Bhavana will be at Thrissur and a marriage reception will be held later at Bangalore. Bhavana and Naveen were in love for past 5 years after she acted in her Kannada movie Romeo Juliet in which Naveen was Producer. From 2015 they were planning to get married. Between this Bhavana’s father passed and later Naveen’s mother passed which led to delay of their wedding till now. Now after what happened to Bhavana in past week they decided to get engaged fast.

Bhavana had decided to make her engagement news a secret and announce wedding date later. Bhavana’s engagement news got leaked out some how. Bhavana said that her wedding will be by end of 2017.

Naveen – Bhavana marriage photos 2018

On 22 January 2018 actress Bhavana will get married to Naveen.

This is engagement photo of South Indian actress Bhavana with Kannada Producer Naveen on Thursday, 9th March 2017 at Ernakulam.

Actress Bhavana marriage was attended only by close relatives of both Bhavana and Naveen.

Bhavana – Naveen wedding date is in 2017 end.

Wedding venue of Bhavana is Thrissur which is her home town.

Marriage reception will be at Bangalore (Bengalur) which is native place of Naveen.

Bhavana marriage photos

    Bhavana engagement photo on 9-3-2017.Actress Manju Warrier participated. (Bhavana marriage photos from March 2017 last.)

Bhavana Family, Photos

Actress Bhavana Menon’s father G. Balachandran Menon passed few months back. Bhavana mother name is Pushpa Menon. Bhavana’s brother is Jayadev Menon.

Bhavana Profile, Filmy Career

Real name of actress Bhavana is Karthika Menon and she is now 30 years old. Bhavana is a native of Thrissur district in Kerala.

BhavanaMenon started her career with malayalam cinema Nammal in 2002. Latest film of actress Bhavana to be released in 2017 is Honey Bee 2 Celebrations. Other films of Bhavana that are upcoming are Adventures of Omanakkuttan, Adam, Oru Visheshapetta Biriyanikissa, Swapnathekkal Sundaram.

After her brilliant performance in Nammal movie actress Bhavana got lot of chances in Mollywood. Bhavana acted in malayalam cinemas like Swapnakoodu, C.I.D. Moosa, Thilakkam, Chronic Bachelor, Chathikkatha Chanthu .etc. Bhavana also acted in Tamil, telugu, Kannada movies too which made her a popular South Indian actress.

After Bhavana attack issue, name of actor Dileep was connected to it. Recently actor Dileep revealed said that he has no connection to attack on Bhavana.