Jagathy Sreekumar Fake News Malayalam Actor Alive Gossips

On Friday, 27 November 2015 a Whatsapp photo has been viral claiming that Kerala comedian actor Jagathy Sreekumar had passed. Malayalam Actor Jagathy Sreekumar has been recovering from the car accident that happened to him few months back.

And at this stage a news like this has shocked everyone including his relatives and fans.  Based on the Actor Jagathy Fake Photo incident a case was filed by Jagathy Sreekumar’s relatives with the Cyber Police. The case was filed on the basis of complaint received on Saturday, 28 November 2015. On seeing this whatsapp message Jagathy’s second daughter Sreelekshmy Sreekumar was shocked. She was sad and angry on such a cruel joke done by some person and she said that her Papa is recovering health from an accident and an incident like this is not at all tolerable. Jagathy’s son Rajkumar also said that this was a very bad thing and filed a complaint with Police.

A photo designed cleverly to misguide everyone to think that it was a breaking news was prepared by someone. It had the logo and name of Manorama News and a photo of Jagathy Sreekumar was shown with a malayalam flash news, saying that actor Jagathy Sreekumar is no more. The accuracy of this fake photo which was photo-shopped did not give anyone even a slight doubt. In the photo it was mentioned that  Jagathy Sreekumar suffered heart attack (cardiac arrest).  This made everyone forward the message without thinking twice.

Gossips are common in Malayalam cinema and actress leaked videos incidents and fake news are common in film industry. Most of these things can be easily found out.

Most of the Whatsapp leaked photos and videos of Malayalam actreses are fake ones which have een edited and prepared by people. But in the case of actor Jagathy Sreekumar, the news circulating with actor Jagathy fake photo could not be found to be a fraud.

This made people telephone the houses of Jagathy Sreekumar, his close friends, relatives, his second wife and daughter Sreelekshmy.etc They said that they were tired of answering phone calls and inquiries coming about Jagathy Sreekumar’s health.

Details of Actor Jagathy Fake Photo Incident

This made them file a case with Kerala Cyber Police, who started the investigation. Manorama News also filed a case against this incident , because their emblem and logo was used in creating the photo. Most of the cases concerned with Malayalam celebrities have been traced and arrests made earlier. So it  is hoped that the mastermind behind the malayalam actor Jagathy Fake Photo case will be taken into custody soon.

Actor Jagathy Fake Photo

Jagathy Sreekumar Profile, Filmography

The real name of Jagathy Sreekumar is Sreekumar Achary and is popularl;y known among friends circle in Film industry as Ambili chettan. His power packed performance and ability to do comedy roles and serious characters made him popular. Jagathy is the name of a place in Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram) and his fame made this place also famous.

Jagathy Sreekumar’s comedy roles are the best and no one can defeat his record of more than 1500 movies in Malayalam Film industry and he is presently in the Guinness Book of World Records for this achievement. Presently malayalam actor Jagathy is aged 64 years and he was born on 5th January 1951 at Jagathy in Trivandrum.

Jagathy Sreekumar Family

Jagathy First Marriage

Jagathy Sreekumar’s first wife is actress Mallika whom he divorced after 3 years of married life. They have no children in this marriage.  Sukumaran later married actor Sukumaran and they had 2 sons who are present malayalam actors Prithviraj and Indrajith.

Jagathy Second Marriage

Jagathy’s second wife is Shobana, whom she married in 1984 and in this marriage he has a daughter Parvathy and son Rajkumar.

Jagathy Third Marriage

In a third marriage or a secret relation Jagathy had one more wife named Kala who was an artiste in drama, movies.etc. In this marriage Jagathy has a daughter named Sreelakshmi Sreekumar.

Jagathy Sreekumar is one of the gifted actors in Malayalam cinema. On Friday, 27 November Jagathy Sreekumar Fake News broke out through social media sites like Facebook, Whatsapp claiming to be a news that Malayalam actor Jagathy Sreeekumar has passed. This was a shocking one and many people believed and shared this photo with friends, especially because it was photo shopped with Malayala Manorama news channel’s back ground. The Breaking news style used in this image of Jagathy Sreekumar was one of the worst things made up by someone and this joke has broken all limits of gossips in Mollywood. Usually the names of actors, actress in such fake news come out here and now. But this was just very cruel, to do something to Kerala’s best comedian.

Jagathy Sreekumar’s daughter Sreelakshmi Sreekumar was really shocked with the news that was getting shared through Whatsapp and Face Book and she updated her status as follows in FB – My family is still in shock after seeing this post that has been circulating in social medias and through whatsapp .. plz people mind your own business … Why people are coming up with such fake news everyday … My Pappa is healthy and safe… Please people stop …instead of posting these news plz pray for him!

She said she was really shocked to see this news after seeing it in her Whatsapp and she has not come out of the shock till now.  Sreelekshmi Sreekumar asked what is the use of doing such a cruelty at a time when her father Jagathy is recovering health from an accident.

This news came out when Jagathy Sreekumar’s Asianet Comedy Awards 2015 was to be telecast in Asianet channel on Sunday, 29 November 2015. The trailers and promo of the Asianet Comedy Star Awards featuring Jagathy was shown in Asianet. Just after that a breaking news showing that Jagathy Sreekumar had passes due to heart attack was a bad joke.

The culprits will be soon found out, because this news was made up against one of the Kerala’s pride Jagathy Sreekumar. Jagathy is living in wheel chair after the car accident happened several months ago and he is recovering from it.

The Jagathy Sreekumar Fake News had the background of Malayalam news channel Malayala Manorama and so they will also file a case to find the source of this news. Gossips are common in Mollywood but something like this was not at all needed.

Jagathy Sreekumar Fake News Photo

This is the fake picture that was cleverly made up by someone as Manorama News Live and it read as “Malayalathinte Hasya Samrat Jagathy Sreekumar (64) Hridayaghatham Moolam Maranapettu”, Samskaram Nale Ucha Kazhinju”

Watch Jagathy Sreekumar Promo Video of Asianet Comedy Awards 2015

Asianet Comedy Awards – Jagathy Sreekumar

In the upcoming Asianet Comedy Awards to be telecast in Asianet channel on Sunday, 29 November 2015 (29-11-2015), the main attraction will be Malayalam commedian Jagathy Sreekumar. This is the first show of Jagathy after his accident.