Actor dileep suspended news from AMMA, KFPA, FEFKA Associations

Malayalam film actor Dileep suspended on 11 July 2017 (11-7-17) from many Associations related to Kerala actors, cinema theaters, producers. Arrest of actor Dileep happened on 10th July evening after all evidences were collected by police. At present Malayalam actor Dileep is in Aluva sub jail in remand for 14 days. Bail application has been forwarded by Dileep’s advocate on 12-7-2017 to Angamaly magistrate court. Dileep will be left in Police custody as per Court order, because more evidences are to be collected by questioning Dileep.

More arrests are expected in actress attack case that rocked Kerala few months back on 19 February 2017. Everyone who knew actor Dileep was not ready to believe that he has done such a great crime. But as per evidences Police has proved that Dileep has connections to Pulsar Suni (Sunil Kumar). In 2013 actor Dileep had given a quotation to Sunil Kumar for attacking this actress and take her videos for blackmailing purposes. This quotation was executed by Sunil Kumar on 19-2-2017 and later few problems developed between Sunil and Dileep which led to present revelations.

With arrest of actor Dileep on 10-7-2017 all people who supported him decided to show their protest. Even actors like Mukesh, Ganesh Kumar, Innocent who talked in support of actor Dileep, made a U-turn. They told media that they did not know that Dileep has a fake face.

All people of Kerala including politcial parties came forward to start protesting against actor Dileep. ‘Dhe Puttu’ Restaurants, DMax Theaters of actor Dileep were attacked by crowd of people. Police is now deployed near Dileep’s house, LKavya Madhavan’s shop Laksyah, Dleep’s hotels, theaters .etc. to prevent angry mob from attacking it.

This made it essential for most Film related associations operating in Kerala to stop their support to actor Dileep. Tis was because of strong responses by common people including fans of Malyalam film industry who wanted Dileep to be blacklisted. Actor Dileep is a person with double face and is a mastermind in destroying many people’s career. An example to this is his way of tackling Liberty Basheer who had to stop all his cinema theaters due to Dileep’s revenge.

Even this actress said that she lost many opportunities in Malayalam film industry (Mollywood) due to involvement of Dileep.

Actor dileep suspended news by AMMA, KFPA, FEFKA Associations

This is suspension letter issued by AMMA Association of Malayalam Movie Artistes and KFPAKerala Film Producers Association to actor Dileep.

Actor dileep suspended

Actor dileep suspended is main action taken by Kerala cinema associations like AMMA, KFPA, FEFKA.

This is appreciated by everyone in Kerala, as Dileep is not eligible to continue in any of these associations for lifetime.

With this movie whole career of actor Dileep in film industry will be closed forever.

Tomichan Mulakupadam’s new malayalam movie Ramaleela release in in a big problem. Release of actor Dileep starring Rama Leela is scheduled for release on 21 July 2017. This is Director Arun Gopi’s first movie and with a budget of 15 crores.