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Action Hero Biju is the latest Malayalam cinema of actor Nivin Pauly in the lead role. Among Action Hero Biju movie cast actor Nivin Pauly is doing the role of a Police officer. The release date of Action Hero Biju Movie is on 4-2-2016. Soon after the release more details on Action Hero Biju Review will be updated.

Till now the trailer of the cinema Action Hero Biju is not released and everyone is waiting with suspense to know what this movie is about. In cinema news industry lot of speculations have started regarding what the role of Nivin Pauly in this film is about. From the posters everyone knows that Nivin Pauly is doing the role of a Police officer. But is he a brave and fierce officer like the roles done by actors like Mammootty, Suresh Gopi, Mohanlal .etc. in malayalam movies or is he doing a comedy filled police man role like malayalam actors Sreenivasan, Jayaram. Photos of actor Nivin Pauly in Police uniform was the highlight of all posters regard this movie.

Production team has kept everything about this film as a suspense and no shooting location pictures of this movie also released by actors or actress , adding up to the suspense. Producers of Action Hero Biju are Abrid Shine and Nivin Pauly.

This movie comes with the tag line “A Ride with a Police officer”. The movie is released under the banner of LJ Films. Action Hero Biju cinema is from Director Abrid Shine who has did the successful malayalam move 1983 with Nivin Pauly which was a super hit. Malayalam movie Action Hero Biju Review is one of the most awaited ones as Nivin pauly starring film has hit theaters today.

Are there any reasons you should watch the Malayalam cinema Action Hero Biju on the FDFS (First day First Show) or in the first week of it’s release. Many people are waiting to know the review of this movie after the trailer was released. And Director has said that this will not be an  action movie from Nivin Pauly and there is nothing to expect as a Super Natural character.

Then why we should watch this movie. It is because this movie is from Director Abrid Shine who has made another super hit with Nivin Pauly in the malayalam movie 1983. Another reasons is that you can listen to the beautiful songs from the music composition of Jerry Amaldev.

Director promises of a Good real story that is so close to the life of an ordinary Police Officer and how he tackles cases. So those who like to watch a good malayalam movie with natural comedy scenes and actions, this movie will be a grat experience to all.

Abrid Shine has said that this movie has everything that he believes is “Mass”. So let us hope for another good movie in Mollywood from the actor Nivin Pauly.

Another reason to watch this movie Action Hero Biju is because the Producer of this film is actor Nivin Pauly himself and he will no commit a mistake of investing for a bad movie or story after acting in such a lot of hit films.

Nivin Pauly’s Action Hero Biju Review

Malayalam hit maker hero Nivin Pauly who has made continuous hits in Mollywood is ready with his new cinema Action Hero Biju on 4th Feb 2016.

Live audience Responses from theaters

The Live reviews are updated by the fans through Facebook and Twitter and we can go through few live responses about malayalam movie Action Hero Biju as follows,

This film will not disappoint Nivin pauly fans because it has lot of realistic stunt scenes which will make the audience thrilled.

  • There are Action scenes in Nivin Pauly introducing scenes in “Action hero Biju” movie. SI Biju enters with a punch dialogue and stunt scenes in which he is seen fighting with a tender coconut wrapped in a clothe to beat the goons. This is the suspense that the Director has kept for the audience.
  • Performances of actor Suraj Venjaramoodu, actress Devi Ajith .etc. were top class.

Introducing scenes of Action Hero Biju from theaters

Nivin Pauly fans are thrilled with this movie and posting live Theater responses updates about this movie from the First Show reports.

Title Song of Action Hero Biju

Hara Hara Theevram veekshanam Ghana Ghana Nade Bhashanam bahuvidha Karmam Athmanistam Kalpitham

Story of Action Hero Biju

Nivin Pauly comes in the role of SI Biju Paulose (Sub Inspector Biju Poulose). The audience should not expect Action Hero Biju like the roles of Suresh Gopi, Mammootty or the Super natural police officers role done by Vijay, Surya .etc. Biju Paulose is just an ordinary Police officer and shows the expressions and reactions of an ordinary man living in the society and doing the job of a Policeman.

The story revolves around various characters he meet during his job as a Sub Inspector of Police and lot of comedy filled moments are also there. The songs of this movie takes you to another level of enjoyment and “Pookkal Panineer” melody song has become hit among malayalam audience.

Rating for Action Hero Biju

Our rating will be out of 10. For the movie Action Hero Biju we will give 7 out of 10.


Action Hero Biju movie cast

  • Nivin Pauly
  • Anu Emmanuel
  • Jude Anthany Joseph (Ohm Shanthi Oshana fame director)

Director -Abrid Shine

Story – Abrid Shine

Producer – Nivin Pauly

Music Director – Jerry Amaldev

Action Hero Biju Heroine

Anu Emmanuel is the heroine of Action Hero Biju movie. She is known to everyone as the child artiste in the movie Swapna Sanchari.

Action Hero Biju Movie Trailer

Action Hero Biju Songs

Chiriyo Chiri Punchiri song from Action Hero Biju Movie

Pookkal Panineer Video Song from Action Hero Biju Movie

Release date of malayalam movie Action Hero Biju is on Thursday, 4 February 2016 (4-2-16)

Hit Song among Audience – മുത്തേ പൊന്നെ…. പിണങ്ങല്ലെ…..എന്തേ കുറ്റം ചെയ്തു ഞാൻ from Action Hero BijuMuthe Ponne Pinangalle Song by a drunken person (Kudiyan) in police station has become hit from the movie Action Hero Biju. The actor who did this role has also become popular.

Abrid Shine has clearly mentioned that this movie is not a Super hero character.

Action Hero Biju Actress Name

Action Hero Biju heroine is Anu Emmanuel. Do you recognise actress Anu Emmanuel.

She is the child actress who acted as daughter of Jayaram in the movie Swapna Sanchari. Anu Emmanuel will act as heroine of Nivin Pauly in the film Action Hero Biju.

Action Hero Biju Release Date

There has been lot of confusions regarding the release date of Action Hero Biju, because the dates were many times postponed. It was recently said that the cinema Action Hero Biju will be releasing on 4 Feb 2016.

Now the latest official release date of Action Hero Biju movie is on Thursday, 4 February 2016 (4-2-2016) allover the releasing centers of multiplexes and cinema theaters in Kerala and other locations.

Action Hero Biju Trailer

Action Hero Biju trailer released on 29-1-2016

Listen to Pookkal Panineer Pookkal Song from Action Hero Biju

Action Hero Biju Movie Photos Gallery

The complete gallery of stills, wallpapers from the Malayalam movie Action Hero Biju has been updated.

    Action Hero Biju movie cast

Action Hero Biju Malayalam Movie Songs

Malayalam songs from Action Hero Biju is coming with the melodious sounds , especially the song “Pookkal Panineer Pookkal” whose singers are Dr KJ Yesudas and Vani Jayaram. Lyrics of the songs are by Santhosh Varma and music is by Jerry Amal Dev.

Chiriyo Chiri Punchiri song from Action Hero Biju

Who are Action Hero Biju movie cast in leading roles.

  • Nivin Pauly acts in Title role as Biju Poulose
  • Anu Emmanuel – Heroine