Action Hero Biju fame Manju Vani photos flowers tv comedy super nite

Manju Vani is an extra actress in Malayalam film industry who became popular after acting in a small role in action hero Biju.

In this movie she did role of character Shirley Vishwas a great character that brought luck in her acting career. Action Hero Biju Fame Manju Vani recently appeared in a flowers TV program.

In flowers TV comedy super Nite telecast on Tuesday 12th September 2017 actress Manju Vani came as a guest. Actor Suraj Venjaramoodu and Aswathy are anchors of comedy super Nite program. Action Hero Biju Fame Manju Vani role as Sherly was a nice one.

Malayalam film action hero Biju was Ram director abrid Shine who gave her chance in this film.

Manjuvani is also a good singer and wrote lyrics for a song “Palnilaa” for Malayalam movie Rockstar.

Action Hero Biju fame Manju Vani in Comedy super nite

Action Hero Biju fame Manju

In flowers TV show comedy super Nite program on 12/9/2017 actress Action hero biju fame Manju vani sang a song. She surprised all audience with her sweet voice.

Before doing it she had return a song for film Saudamini released in 2003. She is also a talented poet and native of Palakkad. She is also popular as a dubbing artist. Actress Manjuvani has also done LLB.