Aadhaar mobile link last date how to link aadhaar with sim card online

Linking of Aadhaar Card number to a large number of services and schemes applicable in India is being made compulsory.  Among the most important is Aadhar card mobile linking which is being made mandatory by Indian government. Few cases were filed by petitioners against bank account, mobile linking to Aadhar Card. Central Government counsel informed supreme court that government has decided to change last date for Aadhaar linking till 31 March 2018. Central Government informed Supreme Court that last date to link mobile phone numbers / SIM cards before Aadhaar mobile link last date is extended to 31 March 2018 from old date of 6th February 2018.(6-2-2018).

There are millions of mobile phone connections in India under different service providers like Airtel, Jio, Idea Vodafone, BSNL. As per government instruction many had done Aadhar verification and most new connections are given using e-KYC procedure for Aadhar verification. All mobile connections taken using a e-KYC procedure do not required to do re-verification of Detail.

All Indian Telecom operators have been sending SMS messages alert informing about re verification to be conducted by subscribers to avoid deactivation of service. Based on this many subscribers went to offices of mobile service providers and did a simple Aadhaar verification procedure. To make this process faster many companies provided doorstep services to reach subscribers having health problems or not able to come to mobile companies for doing verification.

Recently Indian government has ensured a new procedure for Online Aadhaar verification to link Mobile numbers / SIM numbers. Online Mobile linking to Aadhaar will make it easy for everyone to link their Aadhar to SIM cards before Aadhaar mobile link last date. An Aadhaar OTP based authentication is being used for online re-verification of mobile phone numbers. With this all mobile service providers can use OTP based re-verification through IVRS, SMS or mobile app. These new improvements will increase number of people who do online Aadhaar verification which will be the most convenient way.

Aadhaar mobile link last date news 2017-2018

All mobile service providers have informed that online or offline aadhar verification can be done through their apps, websites or offices. New last date for linking aadhar to mobile number is 31-3-2018.

All people have time till Aadhaar mobile last date on 31st March 2018 (31-3-2018).

  • Online Aadhar linking with Mobile number

All mobile service providers have informed that online Aadhar verification can be done through their apps or official websites. Everyone is after details to know how to link mobile number with aadhar from home. One Time Password (OTP), Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) are most popular ways to link aadhar to mobile before last date on 31-3-2018.

  • Offline Aadhar linking with Mobile number

Offline verification and linking of Aadhar to your mobile number is possible by visiting a office or shop of concerned mobile connection service provider in your locality. You can make a walk-in to an office of your mobile connection service provider by carrying your Aadhar card and mobile phone with SIM in your name. You can do Bio-metric verification and you will receive a One Time Password (OTP) message in your phone. This number can be given to staff at this office who will enter it and complete verification procedure. On succesfull verification you will receive a message within 24 hours informing that your Mobile number is linked to Aaadhaar number.

Aadhaar mobile link last date

Aadhaar mobile link last date with mobile phone (SIM card) numbers was till 6th February 2018 (6-2-2018). As per latest news Central Government has decided to extend linking of Aadhaar mobile last date till 31 March 2018. Government also informed Supreme Court that no action will be taken against people who do not do mobile phone linking with SIM card / Mobile numbers till 6-2-2018.

If one mobile number of a customer is registered in Aadhaar database then an OTP method will be used for re-verification of all phone numbers owned by that person. With linking of Aadhar to mobile numbers all phone numbers of a person can be tracked easily. Instructions have been given for more security procedures for doing e-KYC verification by agents of a mobile service provider. All personal details in Aadhar will not be visible to e-KYC doing agent and succesfull verification will be informed by SMS.