Aadhaar linking last date mobile bank accounts till 31 March 2018

What is aadhaar linking last date mobile number and bank accounts in India ? Last date has been extended till 31 March 2018.

Lot of confusion has been created by telecom companies and banks by sending out SMS messages asking people to link with Aadhaar card number. As lot of dates have been specified for linking bank account, PAN card, LPG, Ration card, mobile SIM .etc there is lot of confusion in everyone’s mind.

On 3-11-2017 Centre told to Supreme Court that Aadhaar linking last date mobile bank accounts has been already informed and it will not be changed. This is because central government is going on strictly with it’s decision to bring every mobile number verified by Aadhar to track it easily.

On 3rd November 2017 at Supreme Court the Central government informed that there is a no plans to exchange last date for depositing demonetized notes and no actions will be taken against all people who have given petition regarding possessing old notes.

Only around 14 petitions have been filed in Supreme court regarding this issue and undergoing hearing at present. There are lakhs of people who possess demonetized notes in small numbers and not could not exchange it  due to several difficulties.

PAN card linking with Aadhaar numbers were done earlier before filing of tax returns. Many other Government benefits schemes were linked to Aadhaar number to make common people link their Aadhaar number to get benefits.

aadhaar linking last date mobile number

Aadhaar linking last date mobile number

Last date for linking Aadhaar number with mobile number is 6 February 2018. In case of bank account linking with Aadhaar number the last date mentioned is 31 December 2017.

Those bank accounts that are not linked with Aadhaar number will not be allowed to do transactions after 31 December 2017.

In case of mobile number which has not done an e-KYC verification there will be no service after 6th February 2018.

अंतिम तारीख आधार कार्ड 31 दिसंबर 2017 बैंक खातों को जोड़ने / फोन 6 फरवरी, 2018

Last Date

Bank accounts – 31 December 2017 (31-12-2017)

Mobile numbers – 6 February 2018 (6-2-2018)