Aadhaar card data leaked news Aadhar info sale Rs.500 software Rs.300

Till now we believed that all our Aadhaar data is in safe hands of Indian government. Shocking everyone as per ‘The Tribune India report’ nothing is safe as all aadhaar card data leak news came out. Everyone is shocked to hear about Aadhar card data loss and sale of information by insiders for just Rs.500. It means if you pay Rs.500 you can get hold of anyone’s Aadhaar biomentric information.

Considering fact that Aaadhaar (UIDAI) number is linked to mobile phones, bank accounts, PAN card numbers and everything we can think of it will be very dangerous. Like we see in Hollywood movies all money in bank accounts can be emptied by online transactions. This is not an impossible thing as news came out that Aaadhaar details are not on safe hands and is being sold by insiders who have access to it.

Bank accounts and mobile numbers are linked to Aadhaar card number. if anyone get access to your Aadhaar details and your mobile phone they can do online bank transactions using it or change your mobile number using OTP. Why did not Government of India take necessary steps to prevent any breach of sensitive information like this.

All our Aadhaar card details are out for sale by insider officials and funny thing is that Aadhaar card printing softare is out for sale for just Rs.300. it means now onwards anyone can make fake Aadhaar card and use it. Even if Government finds out culprits at present, many copies of this software would have been generated and in hand sof thousands of wrong hands.

Aadhaar card data leak news

Aadhaar card with 12-digit unique ID number was considered to be a token to give access to financial transctions and that’s why it was linked to bank accounts, PAN cards, mobile numbers. As per investigative journalism done by ‘The Tribune India investigation’ there are hundreds of sellers who sell Aadhaar card details through Whatsapp. It’s estimated that this Aadhaar card data leak started 6 months ago and there are around 1 lakh illegal users in the whole system.

aadhaar card data leak

how can this present issue be solved. It can be done by removing or revoking access to all user ids permanently. Later new user id’s can be issued to officials based on strict regulations. Anonymous Whatsapp groupd were used to sell Aadhaar card details and there are reports that some hacke.rs are accessing Aadhaar data portals. Recently a security breach was found out in Government of Rajasthan website aadhaar.rajasthan.gov.in.

Another thing is that agent also sells an user login ID with password to UIDAI portal which will give access to complete details of all Aadhaar enrolled people like name, address, phone number, photo, email, bank account .etc. This is why this breach of data access to UIDAI has shocked even the authorities.

But the question is how will UIDAI be able to prevent any Aadhaar card date leakage in future. People will surely file case in court regarding breach of data from UIDAI website and against linking Aaadhaar number with all necessary documents.