New 50 rupees notes in India, colour, Rs.50 denomination colorful notes by RBI

Reserve Reserve Bank of India has announced that 50 rupee new notes will be issued from 2017. New 50 rupees Bank notes will be issued by RBI with Mahatma Gandhi series. What will be the color of 50 rupee new notes is now mostly discussed by everyone. New note will be of dimensions 66 mm height and 135 mm width point

That has been used that RBI is going to stop printing of new rupees 2000 notes from this month point this is because new rupees 200 notes are being issued from September 2017. New rupees 50 note will have picture of the historic stone Chariot at Hampi in Karnataka. The colour of rupees 50 notes will be of fluorescence blue.

This new notes will have signature of RBI Governor urjit Patel and will be from Mahatma Gandhi series 2005. Lot of pictures of new rupees 50 notes is getting viral in social media. There is no official clarification regarding these pictures that are getting viral in Internet.

There are reports that new notes will be here image of a South Indian temple in it. From the moment when new notes of denominations rupees 500 rupees , 1000 rupees were demonetized there had been lot of problems with regard to getting change. This caused lot of problems during shopping by common man who were not familiar with the usage of debit and credit cards.

50 rupee new notes image

50 rupee new notes

Even though there had been reports that new rupees 50 currency note will be issued soon. There is no confirmation about actual issue date of these currency notes. After seeing leaked images of this currency notes lot of people have made favorable responses recording it. So what is your opinion regarding these notes which are going to be released in 2017.

Arrival of new currency note of denomination 50 will make it easy for everyone. After demonetizing 500, 1000 notes issue of new 500 , 2000 notes were done. But this was not able to solve our problems in cash handling by citizens. This made Indian government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi to decide in issuing new 200, 50 notes. We have to wait and see whether these new currency notes are able to solve problems.