2000 note exchange last date in India 2018 how to exchange deposit old 2000 notes

All people are inquiring regarding Old 2000 note exchange last date in India. News reports regarding impossible banning of 2000 currency notes in India came out in December 2017. It was based on the assumption that Reserve Bank of India has stopped giving out billions of currency notes of value 2000 and stop printing of new 2000 notes.

This made SBI report that there could be a possible ban of 2000 currency notes in future and give more importance to less denomination currency.

News reports suggest that in January 2018 or in coming months there can be a demonetization of 2000 currency notes forever. What can be done in this situation is being thought by everyone. When rupees 500 1000 notes were banned in India in 2016 there has been lot of problems faced by people regarding depositing and exchanging demonetized notes.

Main questions data and coming out or when will rupees 2000 note be demonetized in India. What will be the last date for exchanging days old 2000 notes to get a new currency in bank accounts at India.

Till which last date can old 2000 notes can be deposited in a bank and will there be any withdrawal limit or a deposit limit for exchanging old 2000 notes.

What is 2000 note exchange last date in India

News regarding last date for exchanging or depositing Rs.2000 denomination currency notes is not known at present. Anyway it is advised not to keep huge number of 2000 currency notes in your hand. It is best to exchange 2000 notes for lesser denomination values or deposit it in bank accounts before it gets demonetized.

2000 note exchange last date

SBI report on chances of Reverse Bank of India stopping issue of new Rs.2000 notes in market or demonetizing it has created a panic situation in minds of most people. It’s because of difficulties faced by them earlier in exchanging and depositing old Rs.500, 1000 currency notes.

We will update you regarding any information about Rupees 2000 note exchange last date in India when it is known.