10 rupees new note photos features of chocolate colour New Rs.10 notes

New Rs.10 notes are getting released for currency circulation in India by RBI. These 10 rupees new notes in chocolate colour will reach all your hands soon. Specimen copies of 10 rupees new note is released by Reserve Bank of India.

10 rupees new note photos in chocolate colour are getting viral. Even when Indian government is talking about Digital Money and online transactions Reserve Bank is releasing new currency notes of lower denominations. Soon after demonetization RBI had released new Rs,500, Rs.2000 notes. And recently there was news that Rs.2000 notes may get demonetized. As different currencies in India have different sizes, colors it is now getting difficult for everyone to recognize it. In past time blind people used to recognize them through sizes and quality of paper. Now different sizes of currencies of same denominations are released it is difficult for everyone.

Rs.50 and Rs.10 notes are different in sizes than previously released currencies of same denominations. Lower denomination value currency notes are getting popular in India because it is useful for shopping needs of common man in India. Few months back new Rs.200, Rs.50 notes have been released in India with attractive colours.

Now new Rs.10 notes in India are getting released officially by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) through it’s announcement made in January 2018.

On knowing about this news about new Rs.10 notes everyone is eager to know about features, specialties of this new currency note. New Rs.10 currency note will have same height like the old Rs.10 note, but the width will be 14mm lesser than older one.

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has given out it’s new chocolate brown colour Rupees ten note in 2018 which is getting viral in social media.

10 rupees new note – Features, Photos

10 rupees new note

Size and features of new 10 rupees note is as follows,

  • Height will be 63 mm
  • Width will be 123mm
  • Colour – Chocolate
  • Reverse side of new Rs.10 note will have a mark of Konark Sun Temple
  • Signature of this new Rs.10 note will be of Reserve Bank of India governor Urjit Patel
  • Rs.10 numeral will be written in Devnagari script
  • It will also have Swachh Bharat logo with slogan in it
  • See through register on front side with denominational of 10 and portrait of Mahatma Gandhi at centre
  • Ashoka Pillar emblem will be on right side of note

Old Rs.10 denomination notes will not be withdrawn and it will continue to be in circulation. It’s considers that RBI is releasing lower denomination notes like Rs.10, 50, 200 as fake notes are being made for higher denomination value currencies.