Company secretaryship course admission 2017-2018 CS foundation programme, CS executive programme

Applications have been invited by the institute of company secretaries of India for secretaryship course admission 2017-2018. Company secretaryship course admission 2017-2018 CS foundation programme, CS executive programme as on September 2017.

Duration of various courses offered by company secretaries of India are as follows. Foundation program which has 4 papers, executive program which has 7 papers, professional program which has 9 papers.

After completing these courses there will be a pre membership training and after that a CS membership will be awarded with which professional practise can be done.

Presently admission is going on for CS foundation programme and CS executive programme under the institute of company secretaries of India.

Registration fees for CS foundation programme is Rs. 4500 and registration fees for CS executive programme is Rs.8500 for a CS foundation pass student. For Commerce graduates a fees of Rs.9000 and for commerce non graduates a fees of Rs. 10000 is required for CS executive programme.

CS foundation programme

Qualification for doing CS foundation programme is a + 2 pass or any equivalent qualification from a board examination. Last date for admission and registration for CS foundation programme is still 30 September 2017 to India CS foundation programme examination will be held in June 2018.

CS executive programme

qualification required for doing a CS executive programme is a graduation or an equal and qualification in any discipline including fine arts or a pass in CS foundation programme. Last date for admission and registration for CS executive programme is 30 November 2017. Examination for CS executive programme will be conducted in June 2018.

Notification of Company secretaryship course admission 2017-2018

Company secretaryship course admission 2017-2018 CS foundation programme, CS executive programme

Online application and submission of fees for Institute of assembly secretaries of India ICSI can be done through

ICSI customer care call centre number is 011 3313 2333, 6620 4999


thiruvonam bumper 2017 kerala lottery results BR 574 onam bumper prizes list ticket price

First prize winning ticket number is AJ 442876 is sold at Malappuram. Share this Onam lottery results with all friends to find out if anyone has won first prize of consolation prizes for same number in other series like TH, IR, UV, ON, AM, SU, VA, RN, AJ, BL. Date of Onam bumper lottery result amnouncing date was extended to Friday, 22 September 2017 due to heavy rains which affected all districts of Kerala.

When will Thiruvonam bumper lottery ticket results be announced is asked by everyone who has taken this ticket. Immediately after Kerala lottery department announces results, all people will be looking out for details of names of winner of Onam bumper 2017.

Which ticket will win first prize in Thiruvonam bumper of Kerala lottery.  It is for Ticket number AJ 442876.

Details of Thiruvonam bumper 2017 lottery results with all prize winning numbers from first prize to last prizes will be updated as per Kerala Lottery department’s official results. Which will be the ticket number that gets first prize is no talk of Kerala. All results of Kerala Onam bumber ticket prizes will be announced on Friday, 22 September 2017. First prize winner will get rupees 10 crore. This is the highest lottery prize given by Kerala government in its history.

Thiruvonam bumper ticket draw number is BR-57 and has tickets in series like TH, IR, UV, ON, AM, SU, VA, RN, AJ, BL. Last year in 2016 the first prize of thiruvonam bumper was rupees 8 crore. Price of thiruvonam bumper 2016 ticket price was Rs.200 only, while in 2017 ticket price increased to rupees 250. In  year 2016 total number of tickets sold was 69,79,589.  Total number of Onam bumper 2017 tickets sold will exceed 70 lakhs. Exact number of tickets sold in 2017 will be known only later as around 1 lakh tickets are being sold all over Kerala per day in last week. Onam bumber price structure will be of total Rs. 61.81 crores.

Ticket sale of Onam bumper 2017 started from 25th July 2017 and will continue till 22 September 2017 just before lottery prizes are announced. So who will be winner of Rs.10 crores is eagerly awaited by all. Will winner be from Kerala state or some other states. Kerala is a place visited by tourists from different states and there are chances that Onam bumber tickets are purchased by people of states like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamilnadu. Will first prize winner of Onam bumber 2017 from Kerala or which district of Kerala will be known within few hours.

Are you the winner of first prize. Wish you all the best and bookmark this page as we will update Live Thiruvonam bumper 2017 Kerala lottery results on 22nd September 2017.

Kerala Thiruvonam bumper 2017 lottery results

AJ 442876 lottery number wins First prize of Rs. 10 crore. After taxes the winner will get around Rs.6 crores and 30 lakhs.

Consolation prize Rs.5 lakhs to same number on other series.

2nd Prize Rs.50,00,000

SU 579088
VA 351753
RN 707904
AJ 449186
BL 421281
TH 372690
IR 559728
ON 669995
AM 447777

3rd Prize Rs.10,00,000

SU 259647
VA 198819
RN 351616
AJ 379295
BL 693583
TH 529214
IR 117727
UV 191480
ON 496867
AM 438780
SU 605053
VA 200440
RN 445991
AJ 231921
BN 259532
TH 531025
IR 266094
UV 682394
ON 692110
AM 562925

New date for declaring Thiruvonam lottery results is 22/9/17. Winning numbers list will be updated on Friday, 22 September 2017 (22-9-17).

Onam bumber ticket draw of “Suvarna Jubilee Thiruvonam Bumper Lottery 2017” will be held at 2 pm on 22/9/2017 and results will be published live by Kerala lottery department at 4.00 pm. Venue of Kerala lottery tickets draw of Onam bumper 2017 will be held at Sree Chithra Home Auditorium at Trivandrum.

Thiruvonam bumper 2017 prize structure

  • First (1st) Prize is 10 crore (Rs.10,00,00,000) for 1 ticket.
  • Second (2nd) Prize is 50 lakhs (Rs.50,00,000) for 1 ticket in each series. There are total 10 series TH, IR, UV,ON, AM, SU, VA, RN, AJ, BL which will have a total prize of Rs.5 crore.
  • Third (3rd) Prize is 10 lakhs each (Rs.10,00,000) for 2 tickets in each series. Total 20 prizes and Rs.2 crore total prize in all series.
  • Fourth (4th) Prize is 5 lakhs each (Rs.5,00,000) for 2 tickets per series. Total 20 prizes and Rs.1 crore total.
  • Last 5 digits – Fifth (5th) Prize is 1 lakh (Rs.1,00,000). Total 90 prizes in all series.
  • Last 4 digits – Sixth (6th) Prize is Five thousand (Rs.5,000). Total 5000 prizes in all series.
  • Last 4 digits – Seventh (7th) Prize is Three thousand (Rs.3,000). Total 36000 prizes in all series.
  • Last 4 digits – Eighth (8th) Prize is Two thousand (Rs.2,000). Total 37800 prizes in all series.
  • Last 4 digits – Nineth (9th) Prize is Two thousand (Rs.1,000). Total 54000 prizes in all series.
  • Last 4 digits – Tenth (10th) Prize is Five hundred (Rs.00). Total 54000 prizes in all series 1,44,000.

Thiruvonam bumper 2017 lottery results

How to Know Live Kerala lottery results of Onam Bumper 2017 (Thiruvonam)

Official website of Directorate of Kerala State Lotteries will publish Thiruvonam bumper 2017 lottery results on 22-9-17 at

Results will be published in all local malayalam newspapers on next day 23 September 2017.

Kerala government is making huge profit by selling lottery tickets of Thiruvonam bumper 2017. When comparing total revenue made by selling Onam bumper tickets 2017 for Rs. 250 per ticket and giving total prizes there will be huge profit made by Kerala government. Till now total lottery sales revenue for Kerala through Onam bumber tickets 2017 has exceeded Rs.120 crores. In addition to this, Kerala state government will get taxes deducted from prize amounts will go into Government treasury.

First prize of Onam bumper 2017 price rupees 10 crores. What will be the first prize of Thiruvonam bumper in year 2018 is eagerly awaited by everyone.


Resmi r nair pregnant photos kiss of love bikini model controversial photo

Resmi R Nair is a popular bikini model from Kerala who is always  in gossip columns . What is the latest thing that Reshmi R Nair had done to become popular. Reshmi r nair pregnant photos with her husband Rahul pasupalan is getting viral in social media.

Posting pregnant photos has now become a trend everywhere. It has become a usual thing for celebrities to share their baby bump with friends and fans. But what makes Reshmi r nair pregnant photos really controversial is being discussed.

Reshmi R Nair is a model and actress who was filled in news columns after she started kiss of love campaign at Kochi. Many youngsters and people who protested against moral policing joined kiss of love campaign started by Reshmi R Nair and her husband Rahul pasupalan.

Kiss of love campaign was done few years back at Ernakulam and after that Reshmi R Nair became famous. This is second baby of Rahul Pasupalan and Resmi Nair.

Kisd of love fame Reshmi R nair pregnant photo was shared by her in official Facebook page.

In one photo her husband Rahul pasupalan was kissing her pregnant belly. In another of her pregnant photo Reshmi R Nair was standing with her first son.

Resmi R Nair Baby name photo

Model Resmi R Nair has given birth to a baby girl. She had posted photo of her daughter along with her husband Rahul Krishna and son Dwarak Krishna from Holy Cross Hospital at Kottiyam.

Name of Reshmi R Nair baby daughter is Nangeli.

Resmi r nair daughter nangeli

Kiss of love fame Reshmi r nair pregnant photos

Reshmi r nair pregnant photos

Official facebook page of Resmi R Nair is at

Video slideshow of Resmi’s photos

Few months back model Reshmi R Nair and her husband Rahul pasupalan where arrested at Kochi in connection with an online prosttution case.

Later after few weeks they were left off by court as there was no evidence proving that they were involved in it.

Resmi R Nair always used to make a controversial remarks on recent political happenings .etc. recent post of Reshmi Nair showing her pregnant photo is now getting viral all over the world.